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The dreams not always reprove us only. Sometimes they also congratulate us and recognise an achievement which does not recognise ours awake-I for some reasons. If this happens, this should strengthen us. They maybe dream of receiving honour: One lends to one a title or a certificate, or one gets a school-leaving certificate of a higher or college or one ordering, or one scores a determining goal for the favourite team. In the reality such personal achievements to often others seem to be more important than, and, therefore, we permit ourselves in the dream now and again too much to the honour. In such a case one is maybe aware of the meaning of one of the achievements not at all completely. If parents or own partner take part in the dream in the honour, one may be certain that they have risen by from an accomplished also really in their respect and esteem. If one has won a running or a price in the dream, this one achievement rather psychic symbolises as a mental kind: Maybe one has ‘won’ with a diet over the weight or has given up the smoking ‘successfully’. A dream of fame can be a pure desirable fulfilment, but be also symbol for a public appearance or the fact, that this (good or bad ones!) behaviour by more people is registered than one maybe supposes. A harvest dream contains the communication that everything has his results: How one sows, one harvests. Did the dream harvest run easily, or rainy or was it destroyed by hail? If one dreams of a halo, one has a distinct good opinion of himself. However, is it also justified? If one has seen someone else with a halo, this one summary of the feelings may mean for this person.



  • One requires impossible of you.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Achievement

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