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dream scratchA processing dream if one has got ‘his scratches’ just from the life.


(European ones).:

  • see: a warning that the health suffers by √úberanstrengung, provided that they are not very robust,
  • other add one: one is unfair in dealing with other and unobjective,
  • get one: it comes by the hostility of a swindler to damage.

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  1. keku says:

    claw marks on walls

  2. Jennifer says:

    CATS/KITTENS:There were 2-3 teenage kittens running by me and attacking my legs not all at the same time though. One would run and jump on my leg and scratch me very hard trying to hurt me well did hurt actually alot I might add because I heard myself screaming in this dream .I think I woke myself up actually, I remember my screams from being terrorized by these little cats or kittens and how painful it was .

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