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dream horseAssociation: – fast, – as a rule elegantly, – feeling of a developed consciousness, – sometimes also unexpressed sexuality. Question: – How do I feel my own power? Which natural forces do I edge out or do I express?

medicine wheel:

Key words: Quick, – briefly, – inspiring, – powerfully, – balance, – masculinity, – hero, – older brother. Description: The horse is a big 4-legged mammal with a fluent mane and a long tail who can run very fast. His beauty and strength has inspired for a long time the imagination of the person. While he domesticated the horse, the person won a high degree of speed. By horses many people get to know the big power of the animal kingdom. For a long time they play an important role in the mythology and are shown in this Zusammenhand sometimes as a being which bring in the person from the life on earth in other worlds. General meaning: The strength of your natural being, – sensuousness, – quickness, – escape velocity, – agility, – D sharp ability to work more efficiently – the sexual nature, – a battle hit, – abilities increase. Association: The drawback of a thing, – the Trojan horse in him the destruction lives. Transcendent meaning: A confederate which can lead you in other creation empires.

In general:

Horse belongs to the most ambiguous dream symbols. In general it embodies instincts, desires, passions, desires, sensuousness, body consciousness and sexuality, – the mare stand also for femininity, gentleness and harmony need. According to the accompanying circumstances one can recognise, for example, the following special meanings:

  • free running horse stands in general for internal independence and desire for freedom.
  • horse in the stable should promise prosperity.
  • horse with saddle announces more respect and professional rise.
  • unrestrained horse can indicate success for which one has to overcome, however, many obstacles.
  • breaking out horse signals in general danger.
  • jumping horse announces that one will easily overcome obstacles.
  • with horse can cover as a general luck symbol are understood and are interpreted.
  • trained horse points to Gönner and loyal assistants.
  • horse in the halter lead warns about haste in a certain matter.
  • horse before an easy carriage announces a lot of trouble and hard work, – before a magnificent carriage it should promise success, respect and honour.
  • harness horse or satteln stands for the happy beginning of an enterprise.


The respect between horse and rider was probably the narrowest human animal respect which there was ever. The horse served the person not only as locomotion means, it warmed, protected and also fed him. In legends, myths and fairy tales the horse had the meaning of vitality. It is the original, elementary vitality of the person, archetypal symbol of the female motherly like the male spiritual. It is uncontrollable in his run and unrestrained and from there also symbol of the impetuous temperament which appears not only in sex dreams. If the horse with his dream rider forms a unity, difficulties in mental or sexual area hardly arise for this. If the animal is well treated in the dream, stands for an undisturbed life household and for the reins of own passions. If it is badly maintained, however, one goes hunting by the dream as a bugbear of our disturbed desires and proves in such a way that our Cupid makes vaults. Horses, the shy or with one go through, tell of fear that the vitality dwindles, the power is threatened. A horse can even speak in the dream and remind the dreamer, he should preserve the nerves in a certain matter. Also the colour of the animal plays a role. An igneous black horse compensates for the position of the dreamer who suppresses his vitality to the damage of his soul. Also mould have something eerie in himself, – they point to lacking sense of community, to something self-destructive (horses in other colour shadings see under single colours). If the horse also had rein or was in the dishes, refers on (self-determined or foreign-certain) the restrictions in the awake life which prevent the full personality or mental development. Wanted the horse to run in a certain direction? Did it carry a rider? Was it unamusing, patient or phlegmatic? The dream reflects absolutely own position to the problem which he symbolises, however, can indicate also ways to solve it. To Artemidoros is the nice horse whom a man mounts to equate with dear luck, with Phaldor it is the woman whom one would like to own physically. The stallion embodies by his strength and quickness the male power and vitality. The mare is a mother’s symbol. In the Christian Middle Ages the positive meaning of the horse changed. It was worth suddenly as a symbol of the menacing and dark. The black horse was seen as a riding animal of the devil and was therefore a symbol of the dark, magic forces. One knows that horses have a sort of extrasensory notion property, hence, horse dreams are always to be taken seriously. The national faith sees a death messenger in the horse, therefore, rushing horse is a warning signal one in the dream continuous and to death always.


Workers and subordinates embody workhorses and beasts of burden, e.g., donkey and field animals, – animals the though work perform, however, cannot be clamped, like bulls, cattle in the herd, pasture horses and wild donkeys, resemble rebels and arrogant people. Now I want to speak after the row of the horse-racing and the athletic competitions. To ride a racing horse who obeys the rein and rider willing, each brings without difference luck, – then the horse has the same meaning like the wife and the lover because it is proud of his beauty and carries his driver, – further it resembles a ship, – then the writer calls the ships horses of the sea (Homer: Odyssey 4,708), and we call Poseidon ‘Hippios’ (The sea God Poseidon, the horse (hip bottom) whose use he should have introduced in Attika is consecrated to an original chthonischen divinity.) ,-and like the horse to the country, so the ship is connected to the sea. Then it is comparable to wage man and a friend who grants maintenance, and to everybody which carries loads. How now the horse carries the dreaming, accordingly the wife, the lovers, wage man, the friend and the ship will behave towards him. A carriage and pair differs in no manner from a racing horse, excluded for sick people. It prophesies to them the death (The interpretation is a Reminiszens in early left Greek ones. To drive custom, the corpse.) just as the 4 team which means the same like a racing horse on his part in all remaining, while it line up to competitors, which in the treacly athletic disciplines, promises luck and victory, – they will hold a triumphant move. It announces quits runners a defeat, – the dream face says them, they are not able to use own feet. However, I expressly explain that it means good for free and rich women and virgins to go by a carriage through the town, – it gets them respectable priesthoods. Against it it announces poor girls Hurerei if they ride to horse through the town, – it promises slaves the freedom, – then only open air has the prerogative to ride through the town. Follow the following: The things which one does not see standing on the right place prophesy the opposite of that what they normally mean. Thus dreamt, e.g. however, somebody that a friend and good friends with whose daughter he operated secretly, a horse sends him the ostler led, however, two stairs up in the sleeping chamber where he lay just in the bed. Soon afterwards the admission was obstructed to him to his lovers. The horse meant the woman, however, the place indicated the end of the love affair because it would have been impossible for a horse, in the third floor hinaufzukommen.


A governor of the caliph Mamum puts the following question in Sirin: ‘I dreamt that I would ride an Arabian Falben a mile long and then of the Falbe on myself.’ Sirin asked: ‘By which hour have you looked this?’ He answered: ‘At the moment of the morning prayer or with day horror.’ Sirin answered: ‘Because you have ridden only 1 mile, you will lose, before this month passes, in a turmoil your life.’ It happened that the Arabs instigated a turmoil and the dreaming was killed.



  • The noble Arab’s stallion is equated in the dream interpretation with high position and dignity, accordingly the mare with an aristocratic lady, – the usual horses mean lower parentage and lower respect, also the usual mares women, the low state are.
  • Riding one on a quick, ramming Arab’s stallion, will distinguish him a big name, Highness and noble position among the people. If the dreaming is the emperor, he will take in the empress and at his imperial court pleasure and fame according to the beauty of the stallion, a my husband will perform superior in his occupation.
  • Dreaming somebody, he sits on such or similar horse and drives it sharply, he will be ennobled and be raised and come according to the run of the horse to luck and success.
  • Riding one prepared on an Arab’s stallion, he will attain power and a good name, provided that weapons and armament are stately. If he rides with a sign reinforced, he will be without fear of the enemies and, like the stallion, full strength. If the emperor dreams this, he will win a determined general for the fight against his enemies. The shield means because his general. If it seems to him that the shield of black or blue colour is, his general will be determined and a capable head because the dirt on these colours is to be seen not light. If is the shield knows, that will be cowardly and hasenfüßig because this colour easily attaches dirt, he is red, the emperor will take bright pleasure in his porter, – a purple sign means of the emperor’s son or brother, – a golden or more yellow a spiteful and bad-disposed person.
  • Riding one on gesattelten, langschwänzigen Arab’s mare, he will rise according to their tail a respectable woman would drive home and with her help, – the mare is black, the woman will be rich.
  • Dreaming one, he descends voluntarily from the mare, he will accept voluntarily a decrease of his power, – he falls against the will as a result of the Störrigkeit of the horse to ground, he will suffer fright and torment or make room for a successor in his dignity.
  • Dreaming one, he rides a thoroughbred horse who gesattelt and is bridled, he will win an aristocratic, beautiful woman, if seems to him, that be the horse is own, – however, it belongs to an another, he will attain power and joy by a foreign woman.
  • Dreaming big man or the emperor, he gives to somebody from free pieces a royally bridled horse from his riding stable, he will leave to him one of his women, – somebody mounts against his will or without his knowledge his horse, will go whoring this with one of his women and be caught at it.
  • Seeming it one, he rides on his horse hotfoot in sharp gallop and scales a mountain and the horse obeys him willing, he will take delight and obedience in his house and in his office, provided that the horse has scaled the mountain fast and in stretched gallop.
  • Dreaming somebody, he plays with the emperor or a magnate the ball game to horse or Polo, he will attain favour and respect with them according to the accuracy in the play and the skill of the horse.
  • Seeming it the emperor, he plays Polo, he will have in the exercise of his rule a happy hand and success, provided that he knows to hit the ball with talent if not, it means the opposite. If another the emperor looks with the Polospiel, he will participate also in his joy.
  • Dreaming of the emperors, his horse stumbles with this play and falls, he will fall hard ill and get in the exercise of his rule in distress, it does not fall, will not be his mißliche situation so badly and only from short duration.
  • her women and her Empire mean

  • The riding horses of the emperors, – what concerns the horses of the people, mean of the soldiers her weapons and her luck, of the common people their occupation, – the horses of the empress indicate unmistakably at her dignity and her rank.
  • The mould means in the dream of the emperor his spouse. The dapple grey calls if he is of the emperor Sattelpferd, a woman who is not equal to Augusta – dreams somebody, it owns this horse, will be his power of lower degree.
  • it means

  • Being the imperial saddle horse rose-colourfully, a graceful woman against which the black horse points because of the black colour to a rich, but tiresome woman. To say it with a few words simply: All saddle horses of the emperor whom one looks in the dream mean his women.
  • Getting somebody of the emperor one of his riding horses, he will get joy, power and a woman of him, – one rides without his knowledge against his habit one of his horses, he will do secretly with one of his women sexual offence.
  • Dreaming somebody, a black mare who carries bundled up arrows on both sides comes to his house, he will marry a woman with property, and to his feet many house inhabitants will go according to the number of the arrows.
  • Dreaming one, a young Arab’s mare who is not trained yet comes to his house, he becomes a noble virgin would drive home.
  • Seeming it the emperor or a powerful figure, he brings a noble mare in his house, indicates at the person of a noble woman if, however, a common mare, on a maiden, – then common mares mean maidens to noblemen, – a man of the people has this face, he covers it to his woman. One interprets everything what happens to the mares good or bad person, at the called hussies.
  • he will get

  • Eating of a horse meat, a big name and be ennobled.
  • he will find

  • Drinking he mare’s milk, with the ruler favour and goodwill.
  • see general: in a happy future look, –
  • white ones: Wedding and baptism, – also: stands for spiritual creativity and Führertum and points to high spiritual aims, –
  • dappled: glad journey to a party, –
  • the puce: if Li> means an easy, human-animal instinct,
  • black: Grief, death and grief, –
  • on the pasture see: Wish for freedom and independence, –
  • see grazing: Peace and wealth, –
  • wild, in full freedom see: the uncontrollable pleasure of pleasure by which you excite so often nuisance still costs dear you, –
  • see riding somebody on it: become haught, –
  • own: Wealth and luck is sure to you, –
  • offer to the sales: you should control your feelings better, –
  • satteln: you are loaded to a big party, –
  • mount a wild, ungesatteltes: by high spirits in danger get, –
  • mount a tame, gesatteltes: you come to big honour, –
  • ride themselves on it: big enterprises begin, –
  • see riding himself: one may firmly hold the reins and preserve good position to succeed in a certain thing, –
  • feed: you will earn rich profit, –
  • gets thin: in food worries get, –
  • rear up: an unexpected obstacle enters, –
  • go through: do not lose the rule over your nerves, –
  • see restraining: you must firmly grab, you want to hold your luck, –
  • restrain: you quieten down your enemies, –
  • nicely geschirrte before a carriage see etc. tense: you have to enjoy a pleasant and unconcerned life, –
  • see steaming up: heavy work must do, –
  • steam up: hold your friends good, they are loyal to you and are proved, –
  • see falling: Misfortune experience, –
  • see throwing down her rider: you will be humiliated, –
  • are thrown down or from the horse fall: one rather gives up the planned plan, –
  • see pulling a carriage: one would like to free himself with pleasure from the tantalising dependence of a person, –
  • hit: Annoyance and quarrel prepare, –
  • see stabbing: Injustice will annoy you, –
  • shoot: a rash action costs you your best friend, –
  • kill: Need and misery stand before the door, –
  • dead ones see: a sad event.

(European ones).:

  • order of the mental and mostly also of sexual-erotic life, –
  • luck and joy tell

  • in, as a rule the dreams of horses mean honour, wealth and success, –
  • Pegasus the winged white horse: if symbolises own imagination and points out to the fact that one has converted his instincts and desires into creative energy, –
  • tack up one and harness: one will begin something new, –
  • see a black horse: stands for growing property, however, one will use in addition deceitful means and make himself guilty, – Dreaming a woman of a black horse, is to be feared that her husband cheats them, –
  • puce horses: if mean easy and sure instincts, –
  • gets dark horses: are valid as a token for wealth in connection with discontent, – brief pleasure approaches, –
  • see a mould: one may hope for prosperity and nice meeting with friends and nice women, – wealth, –
  • dirtily and emaciated mould: a jealous friend could abuse the trust, –
  • Schecken: promise profit in different enterprises, –
  • see running: all your wishes will come true, –
  • see manner: one longs after or promises more freedom and independence in the life, –
  • freely see on the belt: one wins back his independence and aims at a professional independency, –
  • see running past himself: quiet, decayed days stand out, –
  • it runs away together with others: one will hear from ill friends, –
  • one catch, tack up and satteln or clamp: big business success stands out, –
  • one allow to catch and escape again: one is unlucky, –
  • see in the stable: if means prosperity, –
  • draught horses: stand for prosperity of which, nevertheless, various obstacles lead the way, also in the love difficulties are to be expected, –
  • noble stallions: if success and high standard of living, but also unconsiderable passion give notice in, –
  • breeding mares see: are valid as a token for frank feelings between lovers, marries or not, –
  • racing horses: are expression for too much in excesses and luxury, – they signal to a farmer prosperity, –
  • even one ride in the running: one becomes rich and happy, –
  • trained see in the circus: one will have a mighty Gönner, –
  • young (as a foal) see: if a very happy event, –
  • promises

  • gesatteltes see without riders: if Li> promises high rise in the life,
  • gesatteltes with rider see: one should take in hand the reins firmly and preserve a good position, so that a thing can be concluded successfully, –
  • see falling: unsuspected misfortune, –
  • see tail of the horse: Honouring, –
  • somebody to one on horseback comes visiting: one will get news from far here, –
  • mount a devout one and on it ride: sure success, – means good and smooth progress, –
  • worried, uncontrollable, rearing up and on it ride: after overcoming many obstacles and difficulties particularly nice and lasting success stands in view, –
  • ride on a stubborn one: the wishes can be realised only hard, –
  • do not finish worried: one will not achieve his aim, –
  • want to mount and not hinaufkommen: one is an unlucky person, –
  • see the rearing up or knocking out: means menacing difficulties which one can finish, however, –
  • see a going through one: Existence or prosperity is in danger, –
  • with one go through: losses threaten by the inability of a friend or employer, –
  • on a going through one sit without falling down: one will happily get over a very dangerous situation, –
  • ride on a nice brown: one may hope for growing property and passion, – women should take before meddlesome advances in eight, –
  • ride by a ford: there waves luck, – the river has a strong current or leads he murky water, a smaller disappointment stands in the house, –
  • ride uphill and, besides, with the horse fall, but even though reach the summit: one will make his luck, but must also fight against enemies and jealousy, –
  • ride uphill and reach the summit with horse: hope for a fantastic rise, –
  • ride downhill: one expects a disappointment, –
  • without saddle to ride: by hard work wealth acquires and finds satisfaction, –
  • ride in society of men without saddle: honest people will stand to one aside, – women are also present, feelings come into play which can cost to a lot of money and float even in the financial ruin, –
  • with one about a ditch or an obstacle jump: one will get out of the way vigorously all obstacles, –
  • with a horse swim by a clear, picturesque river: if the highest bliss promises, – businessmen may count on an immense profit, –
  • are thrown down by one: if a danger tells in, – also: one presumably has a competitor who wants to mess up to lucrative shops, – one left from a plan immediately the fingers, because, otherwise, a fall is inevitable, –
  • see overthrowing one: there threatens a serious bad luck, –
  • an injured horse: can express that a friend gets in embarrassment, –
  • a limping horse: if Li> is valid as an omen for unexpected incommodities under otherwise favorable circumstances,
  • a pushing and after sugar or bread the sniffing: if Li> promises a loyal friend and companion,
  • a vicious one: one will experience joy, –
  • a kicking horse: one will receive from a beloved person a removal, – weak health can be in way of the luck, –
  • lead one in the halter: only after careful consideration one should begin something and then lead slowly, indeed to the aim, –
  • itself in the halter the rearing up: if Li> means a laborious success,
  • itself from the halter the tearing off: in spite of all trouble and care there will be a failure, –
  • own from another see ridden or guidedly: if Li> means a breach of faith in the family,
  • see one with easy working dishes before a usual carriage tense: if announces a life of full trouble and work which will be very successful, however, after all –
  • a carriage pulling: one would best like to release from the dependence of a certain person, –
  • see one with precious dishes before an elegant carriage tense: if a lot of respect and high honour, –
  • promises

  • see going through one by a carriage: Existence and household are threatened severely, –
  • see overthrow one and tipping over the team carriage: Loss of the existence and the domestic luck, –
  • have been on a fallen team carriage: if means a hopeless end, –
  • see steaming up: the success is sure to one, – it promises women a good and loyal husband, –
  • cover themselves with one: one could succeed in protecting itself a little bit up to now doubtful, –
  • try to cover with a horse with a broken or to small iron: one will be called to account for deception, –
  • one curry: points out to the fact that for a duty goes before pleasure, – one must accept big spiritual and physical strains if one wants to achieve his aim, –
  • polishes the horse after him curry: one will achieve his aim, –
  • to a mane or tail comb: one will have the right touch in financial matters, – widely-read people follow conscientiously her work, others watch anxiously to protect her interests, –
  • one kill: own egoism will hit friends in the escape, –
  • the dead: if Li> means losses, – disappointments of all kind,
  • to the attention: while going mouldy the precalled favorable meanings are strengthened and the unfavorable ones are weakened, – with black horses the unfavorable meanings are strengthened and the favorable ones are weakened, –
  • Riding a young girl in the dream a black horse, approach her negotiations with an authority’s person. Some wishes come true, but not at the expected time. In general black horses symbolise delays.
  • Dreaming a young woman that a friend rides behind her she may be sure to the attention of many successful men. If she feels, besides, fear, jealousy could come into play.
  • she will knock out

  • transformed to herself her horse in a pig, honourable marriage proposals and persist so long on her freedom, until all views of an advantageous marriage have dwindled. If the pig balances, however, afterwards grazil on a telegraph management, her chances rise again.
  • besides,

  • Riding a young woman in the dream on a mould over mountain and valley and she is pursued by somebody on a black horse, she expects one On and From from joy and grief, – somebody tries incessantly to overthrow them in the misfortune.
  • Coming a horse by the air flown and changes it in get closer in a person who knocks at her door and pelts them with something which looks like a piece of rubber, however, turns out big bees, hopes are disappointed and lost property cannot be won back in spite of the biggest strains.


  • It is valid as a messenger of the coming comfort. Now they enter into a very pleasant time of your life and should try to enjoy them without counting, nevertheless, carefree on it.


    different people mean

  • of horses.
  • Dreaming one, he rides slowly and calmly on an Arab’s stallion who obeys the rein, he will attain office and dignity and a big name, according to the beauty and obedience of the animal.
  • he will find

  • Riding somebody a horse who has a big, thick and long tail according to his density and length followers of his power.
  • Having the horse of two or more tails, the number of his servants will be even bigger. If the horse is short or dünnschwänzig, threaten him worries and loss of his power according to the sparseness of the tail hair, – dreams one which is a free man or a ruler, he rides on a horse with thick and long tail and this is cut off, he will lose his freedom or rule shortly.
  • Riding one on a noble, but limping horse, he will come to distress and bump in his trade and change into bad obstacles.
  • Being the horse though thoroughbred, but stubbornly and hard to rein, the dreamer will commit a heavy sin and in bad difficulties get accordingly of the Störrigkeit of the horse.
  • Being the animal without saddle stuff, will be even bigger the mentioned evil.
  • belonged the horse to another, but known man, will be given the dreaming honour and joy of the owner of the horse, from a friend or namesake, the horse belongs to a stranger, he may expect an unexpected joy.
  • Dreaming somebody, a splendid horse trots in his house, field or country and is unknown the horse, ungesattelt and without bridle stuff, a mighty prince will come there according to the appearance of the horse, – has to this white Nüstern and four horseshoes, the power of the prince will be so more immense.
  • see: you will lose the lover, –
  • own: Prosperity, –
  • restrain: you will make fast your luck, –
  • nicely gesattelt: you will become known with high people, –
  • mount: you will attain offices and honour, –
  • ride: you will attain respect, –
  • see grazing: you are sponsored by a high-ranking person are (promoted), – happy-go-lucky situation, –
  • going through ones: Misfortune, –
  • see rearing up: big honour, –
  • steam up: you come to high respect, – you will reach to high position, –
  • see steaming up: you will have incredible luck, –
  • well fed: you have or get a good housewife, –
  • thin: Obstacles stand to you in the way, –
  • white ones: Joy and luck, –
  • black ones: Grief, –
  • fall: your enemies will win, –
  • see stabbing: you will lose your sweetheart, –
  • a dead horse: sad news from wide distance, –
  • dead horses: you will hard have to fight for the everyday bread.

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  1. jackie says:

    I was dreaming of a horse I was ridding it and also in my dreams there were melons hanging and I was dreaming of a fish and a white house

  2. jackie says:

    I also had a dream few days ago watching my self sleeping it was weird I didn’t like that I was trying to wake up don’t no how but I was thinking wake up and I couldn’t till I herd a loud noise I soon up shaky verry weird dream ..

  3. Margie says:

    I have had a recurring dream of a black horse running with a work plough. The land is green, plush, and hilly. Suddenly, I notice the plough off the horse & horse’s face is burned & smoking. The horse is also very loyal to its master it seems, bc it stays by the plough and shows loyalty to the plough or the master of the plough. I’m concerned for the horses health & want to help but know the horse can be dangerous bc it isn’t calm.

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