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Eyes – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – Eyesight, – vision, – consciousness, – clarity. Question: – Of whom am I aware? How do I see the world?


Organ of the light, the consciousness from which after one of the Egyptian creation myths the world has originated. Spiegel of the soul, as a conceiving organ female, as ‘flashes schleuderndes’, sharply sighted phallisch manly. After newer knowledge the symbol states something about the mental whole state of the dreamer and his position to the future events. The feeling is to be read in the eyes, which is why an erotic interpretation is absolutely obvious. Ocular dreams grasp the existence and our internal setting to it. The eye stands for intelligence, spiritual interests, consciousness, curiosity and knowledge, but also for internal restlessness. A clear, expressive eye symbolises unprejudiced, portion-taking thinking, critical, but mind not without feeling. Piercing, stiff eyes indicate hard and cold intelligence, also calculation and egoism. Who feels constantly observed from eyes or from an eye, has strong feeling of inferiority and suffers from internal restlessness. Also feelings of guilt are possible. Empty eyes point to a lack of understanding. Smiling eyes register, the dreaming just a time of the satisfaction – or stands briefly before it – lives through. If the expression was procured, this can reveal the fear of emotional or psychological isolation or before loss. If the visual ability of the dreaming is hindered, this can mean that he sees a certain problem or also the whole problems of his life-style not right or does not want to recognise. Murky or with a little bit veiled eyes can also be a warning to let make an ocular test.


The eye is the symbol of the sensuous and intellectual perception.


Scharfsichtigkeit is good for everybody without exception, shortsightedness against it indicates lack of money because also the eyes ‘pupils’ have (Untranslateable wordplay with the different meanings from psephos, – the word means, actually, little stone, because because one used this to the count and calculation, money. Further it calls the shining stone in the ring to which again the pupil is compared in the eye.) ,-distant shutdown of the shops because shortsighted that what is before her feet, see badly. To one of the children has, it means that they will fall ill, – the eyes resemble the children because they are dear to us and expensive and serve the person as a signpost and leader, how the children to the hoary parents. Three, four or even more eyes have is for a marrying and a childless of good premeaning, – who becomes one a woman whom other get a child, – in this manner more eyes will be around a person. Luck brings it further to a believer then he will get more ‘little stone’ (money). For same reason it is because of the ‘little stones’ for a debtor of bad premeaning. It advises an empire to take because of his person and his property very much in eight because posters threaten, – it says him as it were, he needs many eyes. Which wants to go on travelling it indicates a wandering and to one which goes to the sea, the return in the harbour because many eyes are pulled by the light and the solar shine in this and there. I know somebody to whom it dreamt, he has three eyes, – the man went blind, not indicated possibly because of the fairy tale of the Cyclops, but because the third eye to him, he still needs foreign eyesight, because own is not sufficient. To a rogue and a pretty young women’s room are many eyes of evil. ersteren more eyes will supervise, make the court latter to more admirers. If one dreams of having the eyes somewhere else, e.g. in the hands or feet, so he will go blind, – they stick in another body part, the same will fall ill or be wounded, so that he, with the hands or feet herumtastend, as it were can see or that he can bring the concerning body part, as if eyes were on it, with nothing in touch. A woman dreamt, she has an eye on the right breast. She had a dearly loved son whose death she deplored soon afterwards violently, – then for same reason, therefore once somebody to which it dreamt he has an eye on the right shoulder, his brother lost – it said him as it were the dream face: ‘Show on your shoulder, pay attention to them!’ – the woman came also not possibly around her breast, but around her son whose symbol was the mother’s breast. I know somebody to whom it dreamt, his eyes fell out and to him on the feet. Though he did not go blind, however, he married his daughters with house slaves, and in this manner the better paired off with the more inferior. If one dreams of owning foreign eyes, he will go blind and must be led by another in the hand. If he knows, however, whose eyes he had, he will adopt his child. Little is prophesied by little: It dreamt, e.g., one, he has eyes of gold. The man went blind because gold to the eyes is unacceptable. If somebody has a sharp eye and sees flashing at night and darkness a light suddenly, it prophesies to empires excessive worries, to arms, however, and people who are up to bad luck. ersteren will not be jobless any more, set to work latter with big circumspection and not miss her aim. That is further what is indicated by something, reverse also again the symbol of the concerning thing itself. Thus a woman dreamt, she has ocular pains. There fell ill her children. Of another dreamt, her children would be ill. She got an eye complaint.



  • The eye stands for consciousness, knowledge, intelligence, knowledge and open-mindedness. (28, 31)
  • Dreaming of the emperors, he has gone blind, he will soon lose crown and life, – an easy man will have an extremely poor and only short life, a married woman in short time as a widow, part unmarried as single from the life.
  • Dreaming of the emperors, he has got nice, big eyes, he will find hunting his joy to people, army and followers and his enemies in the escape, – a my husband will have bigger income, more joy and success in his enterprises, a woman about her beauty, be happy about man and children.
  • Dreaming of the emperors, he has become triefäugig, his troops will suffer heavy losses by the enemy, he has a son, will fall ill this, also his treasuries will empty, – everything will go for an easy man accordingly squint (

= wrong, improperly, inconveniently, – fail).

  • are observed by eyes: one suffers from insecurity and restlessness,
  • are looked by an eye: Reminder of own conscience,
  • look in the eye: One means it well and honestly with you. You can trust your partner.
  • closed ones: You do not know a lot any more, do not know from one more. You must make a decision, otherwise it is too late.
  • shining ones: stand for unprejudiced thinking,
  • stiff, piercing, cold ones: point to a calculating intelligence nearby,
  • blue ones: secret hot love which looks after somebody for us,
  • brown ones: one must count on a disappointment in the love,
  • black ones: take before wrong friends in eight, – forthcoming disappointments,
  • have an eye complaint: one sees something not right,
  • low-spirited: tender love which is still hidden,
  • blind ones: glad news,
  • squinting ones: Degradation, – financial problems will load to one,
  • nice and big ones: Luck and wealth,
  • be one-eyed: you have cast an eye at somebody,
  • silly or bad ones: Losses of every kind,
  • dripping ones: saddening experiences, a bad future,
  • loss of the same: thwarted hopes, misfortune in the love, loss that of the () lovers.


  • of eyes tells to dream that one knows something that one conceals before himself. The dream sign recommends to be more honest with itself, to pay attention less to how one appears to the outside but to trade in such a way as it is really well for one.
  • quite in general one should observe

  • to himself better and more thoroughly. (Child)

(European ones).:

  • generally: a symbol for faith, intelligence, mind, consciousness, curiosity,
  • see an eye: watchful enemies search the smallest opportunity to damage on business to you, – to a lover it promises that a rival triumphs about him if he does not pay attention,
  • foreign eyes see: there is somebody to whom to one admires,
  • the own: one will get to know somebody whom one will estimate very much and is important,
  • igneous ones: Love,
  • blue ones: Trust wakes trust, one should protect to himself a friend, – they maybe draw the attention to love deliberately perceived not yet up to now of another person, – also weakness in the realisation of a plan,
  • greens: stand traditionally for jealousy,
  • grey or stinging ones: one watches out for falseness of all kind, – flatterer,
  • brown eyes stand for the loyalty of another person, one may count on hot love,
  • black, unfathomable eyes can also contain a tip and a warning of disingenuous people,
  • pale ones: can predict a social respect which brings a lot of luck,
  • far and open ones: stand for innocence or childish excitement,
  • closely or slit: deception or deception come into play,
  • see good: if Li> indicates at clear recognising of a certain situation,
  • can see extremely sharp: Success in selfimposed challenges, – a professional project or a change in the occupation will derive benefit from a ‘sharp-sighted’ planning,
  • can see bad: if the need of financial support can symbolise, – a commercial project can be fruitless if it is not checked once again from the outset, – by suitable change view of success,
  • exists

  • bad or dripping ones have: Losses of money and property, – one cannot overlook a situation,
  • have an eye complaint (ocular injury): one wants to see something in the life not right or one has problems to recognise the pure truth, – one is afraid around his call,
  • are stared by foreign ones: luck-like omen, – an important change will soon take place,
  • make around own worries: somebody works secretly against you, are carefully in your actions,
  • see one-eyed man: there threaten painful loss and annoyance,
  • become blind: points to spiritual blindness,
  • crying eyes: should announce a surely favourable trend, – glad news,
  • cross-eyed eyes warn about wrong friends by whom one is used, – point to the misjudgement of a person or a situation,
  • dug up eyes can point to a menacing loss,
  • closed ones: deceived hopes,
  • his eyes lose: Loss of good friends,
  • the same are robbed: Love suffering,
  • floating eyes of the face relaxed ones: can announce an improvement of the financial situation,
  • a floating eye: can reveal the confidential wish to take a risk in financial matters, – hence, extreme care is offered.


  • The eyes resemble the faith, the fame and the light of the soul.
  • Dreaming one, he has completely gone blind, he will lose his faith and live not long.
  • Being only on an eye blind, he will be present only with half a faith and be blasphemed by many.
  • Seeming it one, he has become triefäugig, he will hard sin, but go to himself.
  • power somebody to the people the impression of a blind person, while his vision is unabated, becomes he in the eyes of the world with a flaw afflicted be flawless, however, before God.
  • in the measure, how to a person in the dream the eyesight becomes weaker, in the same measure he will become weak in his faith.
  • cured one his eyes of a suffering and he sees clearly again, he will change his sense and his wealth increase.
  • rubs somebody his eyes with the cosmetic Kochla to make them shining, he will postgo hunting to futile fame.
  • treated one his eyes devotedly to be able to see more sharp he will have a frank heart before God and worry about the everlasting welfare.
  • Dreaming one, he is absolutely blind who would think people, however, he sees everything, or seems to it him, his eyesight has suffered, however, the people did not notice it, concealed works will overthrow his soul in the downfall.
  • Dreaming of the emperors, he has an eye in his heart and sees with it, he will generate a son who will rule right religious with him, – a my husband will come all of a sudden to possession and respect, a woman move to the house of a richer man, a single one well-to-do man marry.
  • black ones: watch out for wrong people,
  • blue ones: one loves you and you do not notice it,
  • brown ones: do not forget that you have somebody who holds the loyalty,
  • to you

  • blind ones: you will soon receive a good message,
  • dripping ones: still short time, and your heavy days are over,
  • squinting ones: soft the much too friendly people from, because one tries to drag you onto a disagreeable situation,
  • dug up ones: watch out for a loss,
  • one-eyed: would not be excited in such a way who is able for your love, Li> remained up to now unheard ?

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  1. Michael says:

    My friends eyes were staring at me, dark around ’em (like some darkness you see in cartoons) but i could tell it was my friend.

    Later, one i go to school with stared me in the eyes as he walked by, keeping his gaze until I finally look away (same way we do in real life)
    his eyes were dark, not blue, and narrow as his eyes actually are.

    It reminds me of a dream where I saw myself in a mirror, wearing the silver necklace with a cross on, i own. but there were 2 lock on it and I didn’t take it off..

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  3. Mertis says:

    I dreamed that I looked in the mirror and saw that my left eye was filled with a green/yellow gelatinous mass. I got tissue to clear it . But when I looked back, my eye was clear. Yet dome how I have been unable to dismiss this dream.

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