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A dream in which the blackness of the coal, coal mine, or coal pit was a feature is a warning to retrench and prepare for a period of financial embarrassment. However if the coal was burning brightly or you were stoking a coal fire, you can expect a promotion or satisfactory reward for past efforts. If you delivered the coal or gave it away, the augury is of sudden social advancement. To shovel coal presages many obstacles to overcome before you succeed. See also Digging.

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  1. P. Bowen says:

    I Dreamt I Saw My Brother Has 5 Sacks of Coals at his Gateway As if Displaying To Sell. I was Then Thinking I Should Tell My Hubby To Purchase A sack but was Sceptical about doing it because this Brother and I are not on good Terms because of Evils he was graphing up against us. I woke from dream before doing any transaction with him. What would this mean?

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