A dream about children is almost always synonymous with a transformation in life. It can be a manifestation of the “inner self” to the expectations, abilities and desires of the eternal child that lives within each of us.

A dream about a child is a good sign: it usually means positive changes in your life, but it depends on the relationship you have with your child. The dream can also mean that you feel eternally young. You have reached an important level of self-knowledge. A time has come when changes are taking place and wisdom is needed to deal with them.


The dream may involve questions about your own future. Dreams about the children you have in real life may indicate a desire to prosper or succeed in a particular situation or endeavor.

The dream is a call for you to reflect on your attitudes and to know how to act in moments of joy and difficulty. It does not mean that you should worry, but rather that you should always work on yourself so that you do not lose your positive attitude. Trust in your potential. In difficult moments, think about what you can change to achieve your goal.

Dream Meaning About Son

To see a son, a child

A dream about a child means that good times are coming soon. Fortune will be on your side, so you must make the most of it and put your plans into action.

The dreamer says that there will be a good fortune that is the beginning of a very promising new venture in your career. Stay focused on this challenge.

Newborn baby

The meaning of the dream is that you should not dwell on difficult memories that you have carried in your heart for a long time. At some point you may stop because you cannot bear it and move on. You must understand that the past does not define who you are. Leave it behind.

Little son (little boy)

The dream means that there will soon be personal changes in your life, but the fear of them is causing you a lot of anxiety. Going through the process of change does not mean that you will live in a different world. Everything depends on your decision. Focus on the benefits that will come, on improving your quality of life. You should give up old habits.


The dream also suggests that you think too much about your child, who is already an adult. Don’t be overprotective. Such thinking only causes anxiety and serves no one. Live in the present.

Handicapped son

A dream that you have a handicapped child means that you are worried that you won’t be able to live up to your family’s expectations. It indicates that you feel responsible for them. Don’t burden yourself so much. Get rid of negative thoughts!

Foreign son

It’s time to dedicate yourself to controlling and dealing with your emotions. This will open your mind to more positive thoughts. The dreamer advises you to let go of the past that is holding you back. You must move forward in pursuit of your dreams and achieve your goals. Bet on yourself and your health.

Another meaning of the dream can be read as a warning that your expectations are different from reality. Let your child be himself and go his own way.

The son I don’t have

If you are with a child you don’t have in real life, the meaning of the dream is that you want to be a father or mother.

The dream can also mean that you are still like a child, carefree, reckless, naive. Such a dream can also indicate disappointment in love. It can also mean a strong desire to show affection to someone, the need to have someone close to you. This person may be the child you are dreaming of. It may be a feeling that you do not know how to deal with.

Illegitimate son

The dream means that you need to understand that although it is hard to go through difficult times, it is these obstacles that make you evolve, mature and grow. It is very common for people to think they are incapable of something and suddenly be surprised when they are able to overcome their limitations.

Son of a partner (female partner)

Depending on what you experience when you wake up, the dream can mean a strengthening of relationships, a family atmosphere and a sense of togetherness, or a worsening of the family situation, problems that need to be solved with tact and sensitivity.


Son of the boss

The dream can mean some problems at work. It can be related to changes in the company, reorganization or rebranding. It can also foretell changes in jobs.

Son and daughter-in-law

This dream foretells a change of priorities in your life. It can also mean that it is time to let your son be independent and go his own way. The dreamer also notes that the dream may call for acceptance of a new situation.

Son’s ex-girlfriend

The dream shows that you are able to change your life for the better. You may have been a pessimistic and even difficult person to live with, but the experience has changed you. Now you know that the most valuable thing in life is the people you have on your side, and you do not fight.

Searching for a son

If you are looking for a son in a dream, it may mean that you are ashamed of not making better use of the time you spend with your children. If you don’t have children and are looking for a child who only exists in the dream, the dream may mean that you want to relive something that happened a long time ago.

If you are out in the open looking for your children, hearing their voices but not finding them, it means that everything you do in life is aimed at improving the lives of your children.

The dream of searching for your child also means that you should think about your attitude towards other people and situations. Live your life without being afraid of the possibilities that life gives you, and be confident that you are mature enough to make good decisions.

Beautiful son

This dream predicts a gift that will make you very happy. There may be a great surprise waiting for you.

Sleeping son

The dream of a sleeping child means that this is a good time for you to use your creativity. Think about what you’ve always wanted to do and find projects that showcase your skills.


Take a walk with your son

You should focus on your mental health, working on it will allow you to have healthier thoughts that are not influenced by external energies. You need to focus on yourself now.

Weeping son

The dreamer notes that you are facing a difficult decision, for you are fully aware that choosing one of the alternatives will involve great sacrifice. Putting off a moment to face the challenges and define what you are going to do with your life can make you suffer. This fear of change keeps you from taking action. Don’t let this feeling hinder your personal growth.

Embrace your son

The dreamer advises you not to rely on hunches, but on facts. It is better to talk openly about problems. Open up to others, learn their opinions.

Son’s wedding

Significantly, the dream symbolizes that you will soon make good profits. You should use this moment to work on your skills and invest in projects that you think are really promising. Don’t be afraid to start something new, just do your best and the positive result will come. Study possible ways to avoid failures or wrong decisions. You will be able to achieve your goals and even surpass them. This is the perfect time to save a lot of money.

Runaway son

The dreamer realizes that you want others to be better people while you keep making the same mistakes. The dream indicates an important need for self-analysis.

Bend of the son

You value simplicity, and being with people with whom you have a deeper emotional connection is worth much more to you than financial gain.

However, it is not possible to take care of all the people you are close to. If this doesn’t change, you may soon feel emotionally exhausted.

Kidnapping your son

The dream means that you are always defending yourself against something that may not even be a threat to you. Some situations from your childhood or adolescence can leave serious marks on your psyche, so that you don’t trust everyone and prefer to avoid friendships. Fear of being hurt can lead you into social isolation. It is the anguish of your life that makes you despair and create situations that are not real. Relax, get some rest, and this will allow your balance to return.


Son in danger

The meaning of the dream suggests that you have often used aggressive methods to express your opinions and thoughts, which has brought you many misunderstandings. Seek peace of mind, be guided by wisdom and not emotions.
The dreamer also notes that you feel danger coming, whether in relationships or in the environment. Act calmly and rationally. Do not make up your own mind about people, talk to them, and if necessary – rest in solitude.

Snake bites son

The dream of a snake biting a child means that you must be careful not to behave inappropriately with people who are important to you. Try to open up more and stop being selfish and indifferent. Always give your best, especially to those who wish you well and miss you. In your daily routine it is very easy to get carried away with negative feelings and even frustration, but try not to take it out on those who are most precious in your life.
The dream indicates insecurity about protection and health. You are best able to take care of yourself.

Drowning son (drowning son)

You need to trust yourself more, go with what makes sense to you.
Don’t get carried away by conflicting energies and people who try to keep you from your goal or what you dream of. Focus and try to get where you want to go.
A dream of a child falling into the water means that you may be suffering from manipulation and you are so eager to please someone that you forget what you are really looking for.

If you saw your child drowning in your dream, perhaps something needs more of your attention. This dream may be related to some unmet need of your child, such as to talk to him, to spend more time with him.

Son falling into a well

A dream about a child falling into a well means that you feel physically and emotionally exhausted. It is possible that you are asking a lot of yourself in order to cope with everything. You have a goal, but the way you pursue it needs to change, stay balanced. Allow yourself to rest, reflect and then move on with more strength.

Being separated from your child

The meaning of the dream suggests that you should avoid acting on impulse, lest you have regrets in the future. You need to stay focused, not lose your common sense and follow balanced thoughts. Also beware of future relationships that may not be as constructive as you deserve.

Arguing with your son

The dream means that you are a person who understands the importance of sharing your knowledge and giving good advice. However, the dream also shows that you need to know your place and recognize your limitations. Although you want to help, you should decide to offer this help only when you find a person who is open to it.

Wounded son

Try not to succumb to the fear of change, and things will begin to change for the better. You must resolve past issues to regain peace of mind.


Feelings of anger or hurt that have been held and nurtured for a long time are not good, so work on your emotions. Enjoy the success that is coming your way.

This dream also indicates that you have always been a strong person, so now is the time to reap the good fruits of your labor and feel joy. Never doubt your potential again.

This type of dream expresses your concern for your son. You may be unconsciously worried about current situations or feel that something could happen at any moment.

Remember: take care of your offspring, but let them live and learn from their mistakes.

Sick son

This dream is a sign that something will happen that will make you sad or worried. If the child in the dream is suffering, it is a sign to be careful about the things you think about.

A dream about a sick child means that you are spending your time on unnecessary and unproductive things. Your potential is being overlooked, and deep down you feel unhappy because you know what you are capable of achieving.

Dreaming about a sick child can be a sign of worry, which can cause some anxiety that will reflect on various aspects of your life. Remember to resolve whatever happens wisely and calmly.

Son on drugs

The dream means that it may be an important moment for you to devote some more energy to your work. Certain things may have distracted you from professional matters, so it is necessary to resume some projects so as not to give up on your goals and plans for the future.


Another meaning of the dream is that you need to look at the problem again and look for solutions. This will be a breakthrough in your life. You are a person who can overcome all obstacles.

Death of a son

If you dream about the death of a child, it can be a sign that you are missing something important in your life, and if you dream about the death of a young child, the dream can reveal the failure of some project you are thinking about – you need to think it over well, or maybe change it.
The dream also means financial gain. Something to which you have devoted a lot of effort and time has come to an end. A series of worries has exhausted you mentally and physically. Remain calm, for harmony will now prevail in your life.

Deceased (deceased) son

The meaning of this dream is that this is an important time for you to balance your relationships and look at them from a different perspective. Your focus is on making sure that relationships are built in a genuine and sincere way, so anything that deviates from this model can hurt you.
There may have been situations that made you doubt the loyalty of some people close to you. It’s possible that you’re trying to get close to someone and show that you care about the relationship, but that person isn’t reciprocating the way you’d like. Try to have an honest conversation with her.

Dream Meaning: Son

  • To see a child – good times are coming
  • Newborn – the past does not define who you are
  • Young son – do not be afraid of change
  • Handicapped son – do not burden yourself with responsibilities and negative thoughts
  • Strange son – control your emotions
  • The son I don’t have – you want someone close to you
  • Illegitimate son – you grow by overcoming obstacles
  • Son of a partner (female partner) – your family relationships will change
  • Son of a boss – changes are coming at work
  • Son and daughter-in-law – accept the new situation
  • Son’s ex-girlfriend – you can change your life
  • Looking for a son – think about your attitude towards other people
  • Pretty son – you will get a nice gift
  • Sleeping son – use your creativity
  • Walking with your son – put yourself in the spotlight
  • Crying son – you have to make a difficult decision
  • Hugging your son – don’t rely on assumptions, but on facts
  • Son’s wedding – you will soon make good profits
  • Running away son – you are making the same mistakes
  • Bend of the son – you cannot take care of everyone
  • Son kidnapped – you need to recover
  • Son in danger – follow wisdom, not emotions
  • Snake bites son – stop being selfish and indifferent
  • Son drowning – bet on what makes sense to you
  • Son falls into well – you feel physically and emotionally exhausted, rest
  • Being separated from your child – avoid acting on impulse
  • Fighting with your son – help others wisely
  • Injured son – you need to resolve past issues to regain peace of mind
  • Sick son – you are preoccupied with unnecessary and unproductive things, wasting your potential
  • Son on drugs – devote more energy to your work
  • Death of a son – you are missing something important in your life
  • Late son – it’s time to balance your relationships and look at them from a different perspective

Mystic dream meaning: son

This symbol can indicate that you have some mental problems when you wake up.

Seeing your own son in your dream means that you have unusual telepathic qualities that you can develop.

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