Run away, escape

Run away, escape

A dream about running away means that you cannot escape from the difficulties that life brings you. Think carefully to make the right decisions and solve your problems.

You should look at problems objectively and without fear, otherwise they may be difficult to solve. A dream about running away is associated with fears and anxieties about change or even the fulfillment of desires. It means that you are afraid or desperate.


The meaning of the dream of running away is directly related to past situations that you want to forget. You have to face the problem and find a solution.

Dream meaning of escape

To escape

The dream of running away is a call to face your problems, to fight.

The dream of running away is always associated with fear and uncertainty. Running away means that you have problems that you do not want to face. In fact, such an attitude only makes things worse, because problems accumulate. The dream urges you to be responsible and solve the problems as soon as possible.

Running away from someone

Think about whether the ideas people give you make sense. You can learn a lot and improve your own ideas with other people’s input. Open up more to others.

Running away from someone (see running away)

If you see a person running away in your dream, it means that you are afraid of conflict with those you love. This dream may indicate that you need to resolve these issues once and for all. The dreamer explains that unresolved conflicts or situations discovered by other people are even more dangerous. Honesty and discussion are most important in our relationships.

The dream of seeing someone running away also means that you have to make an important decision about your love life. If this dream occurred, it means that you already know the answer you are looking for, just have the courage to take action.


Prevent escape

Preventing an escape in a dream is a good sign for business. Seize the opportunity. This is a chance for growth and profitable investments, new projects.

Plan an escape

Planning an escape in a dream is a harbinger of professional advancement. You can expect a promotion, an award, a raise. However, do not rest on your laurels.

Unsuccessful escape

If you dreamed that you could not escape from danger, be prepared to fight for yourself and have the courage to do so. The dreamer also warns you to be discreet and not to spread rumors.

Talking to a runaway

Talking to a refugee is a harbinger of a long and happy journey. You may have been planning it for a long time, and now you will finally have the opportunity to carry out your plans. If the suggestion to leave came suddenly, know that it will be a successful and fruitful journey.

Run and hide

The dreamer reveals that you are afraid of the future. Know that destiny can bring challenges, but also much happiness, joy and learning. The dreamer advises you not to leave anything for later or to transfer responsibility to others. Seek peace of mind.

Running away from someone

The meaning of this dream is that you refuse to accept a new idea or consider a different point of view. Change is an essential part of evolution and life. Avoiding it will only lead to frustration.

A strange person in a dream can mean unknown, new possibilities.

Running away from a spouse, partner

If you are married and dream of running away from your spouse, it may mean that you are not giving your relationship the value it deserves or are making mistakes that can harm it. Do not neglect your partner.


If you are single, the dream indicates the fear of disappointment in love and the possibility of suffering from infidelity. The dreamer advises you to get rid of this fear and not to let good things slip away. The dream can also mean that you have a problem with fidelity.

Running away from danger

A dream in which you run away from danger can be a sign that you are too afraid of life, which prevents you from progressing in various areas. You must face these dangers. Sometimes they are nothing more than a product or an exaggeration of our mind.

Running away from the police

The dream indicates that you are aware that you have done something wrong and are afraid that there will be consequences. Try to calm down, be objective, and correct the mistake.

It is often the case that we feel guilty and ashamed when we make a mistake. Mistakes are part of life and you have to learn from them.

Running away from an attack

This type of dream reveals your worry. It may have something to do with a person close to you. The dream is a sign that you worry too much and end up generating fear, anxiety and stress. Worrying too much only makes you feel worse.

The dream meaning notes that you worry too much about things you often can’t control.

Running away from gunfire (shooting)

A dream in which you run away from gunfire indicates that you are afraid to confront other people and prefer to withdraw from the situation in order not to express a different opinion than the other people. You don’t know how to or can’t stand up to people. Although avoiding arguments is a good thing, in this case it shows that you are afraid of what people will think and end up feeling inferior to others.

The meaning of this dream also indicates that you will have difficulty in achieving a certain goal or changing something. You do not achieve your goals, do not take control of your life, and other people do things for you. The dreamer advises you to be more courageous in expressing and defending your opinion and in making decisions.


Running away from an explosion

A dream of running away from an explosion can indicate a fear of big, sudden changes. Such changes can shake and frighten you. They usually change the situation – and although you may not see it at first, the result is good. Therefore, do not despair, but go through these difficult moments calmly and look to the future with optimism.

Escape from war

A dream about escaping from war is a sign that you do not want conflicts. Therefore, you may avoid some situations or conversations, but until the problem that created the conflict is resolved, nothing will change.

Running away from a fight

If in a dream you run away from a fight with someone you know, it means that you have difficulty getting along with that person, but you need to do so to resolve existing conflicts. A talk can change everything.

Running away after hearing a gunshot is a sign that you are not facing your fears.

You need to know yourself, know your limits, know how far you can go. This dream is asking you to test your limits, to face life without fear. You are more capable than you know.

Running away from a tsunami

The dream can mean a situation that takes away your peace of mind, creates fear. However, the dreamer assures you not to worry, because you have everything you need to get through this moment of difficulty.

A gigantic tsunami is a representation of what frightens you and what you do not want to deal with. It is important to solve this problem and restore peace.

Escape from prison

The dream means that you feel trapped – perhaps in a relationship that doesn’t make you happy, in a job you don’t like, or in some other situation that doesn’t serve you well. The dreamer encourages you to break free!


The dream of escaping from prison means that you feel the need to escape from something that is holding you back in real life. This could be a situation or a person.

The lack of freedom in your home or work environment may be an obstacle to expressing your ideas and desires, to using your skills and talents. The dream predicts a change in the situation.

To run away from dogs

This dream predicts quarrels. Remain calm in every situation. Count on conversation and look for compromises.

Running away from a lion

A dream of running away from a lion can represent fear of a situation that you consider stronger than yourself or of someone in a higher position or with power over you, such as your boss or father. The dreamer advises you to be more calm and to recognize your own weaknesses and strengths. It is necessary to trust oneself.

Running away from a snake

The meaning of this dream is that you enjoy good health and social position and will make important changes. Count yourself lucky. If a snake is chasing you in the dream, it means that you will achieve a victory that is considered almost impossible.

The dream can also mean escape from some vice, habit or addiction.

Escape by car

The dream is a sign that you need to make changes in your life, but you should remember that they are important and beneficial for you. Change is part of life, you have to accept that everything will pass.

The dreamer points out that the dream can symbolize that there will be obstacles in your path, but you will be able to overcome them. Trust your abilities and believe in yourself.


The dreamer advises: “Do not run away from change, on the contrary, accept it as a great opportunity to grow and evolve.

Escape by bicycle, motorcycle

The dream of escaping on a motorcycle means that you should take the reins of your life with full responsibility. If you succeed, you will be happy.

A bicycle is a symbol of freedom and self-control. It is possible that you are afraid of the consequences of your actions, although you shouldn’t be.

Fleeing thief

A dream of a fleeing thief may indicate that you feel wronged.
Forgive the person who has wronged you and you will be much lighter.

Runaway child

A dream in which you see a fleeing child can mean that you are running away from your responsibilities and are unable to cope with them. The dreamer warns that you may miss many opportunities and create all kinds of problems for yourself if you don’t handle life the way you should. Grow into your role in life.

Escape of a bird from a cage

Dreaming of a small bird escaping from a cage can be a sign that you are looking for more freedom. The dream asks you to pay attention to what kind of cage you have been trapped in and why you are not doing what you want to do.

Escape of a cat

The dream can be a sign of betrayal or a breach of trust. This will come as a surprise to you because you would not suspect this person of such behavior. Draw conclusions for the future.

Runaway rabbit

If you dream of a rabbit running away, the dream warns you not to be afraid to be generous. This is a sign that you are using your energy in the wrong way, creating fear. Act without prejudice.


Escaped horse

A dream about an escaped horse can mean a personal matter that needs to be resolved. The horse is a symbol of travel and change. So if you see a horse running away in your dream, it means that you have fears caused by old problems that you do not solve regularly and that prevent you from changing your life for the better. You need to know where you want to go and what is holding you back.

Escape of a pig

This dream means that prosperity is within your reach and that you should pursue it.
Another meaning of the dream could be that you are afraid of wealth. If this is the case, you must try to know yourself better to understand where this fear comes from.

Dream Meaning: Escape

  • Run away – face your problems
  • Run away from someone – open up more to others
  • To run away from someone – you are afraid of conflicts with loved ones.
  • Preventing an escape – you have a chance to develop your business
  • Planning an escape – expecting a promotion or raise
  • Unsuccessful escape – preparing to fight for yourself
  • Talk to an escapee – you have a long and happy journey ahead of you
  • Run and hide – don’t leave anything for later
  • Running away from someone – refusing to accept a new idea or a different point of view
  • Running away from spouse, partner – don’t neglect your partner
  • Running from danger – overcome your fears
  • Running from the police – correct the mistake you made
  • Running away from an attack – you are worried to save yourself
  • Running from gunfire (shooting) – you are afraid to express a different opinion
  • Running from an explosion – you are afraid of sudden changes.
  • Fleeing from a war – you avoid conversations, and conflicts are increasing
  • Fleeing from a fight – you are not afraid to talk
  • Fleeing from a car accident – you have more faith in yourself
  • Fleeing a tsunami – solve the problem and regain peace of mind
  • Escape from prison – get out of a trap
  • Running away from dogs – talk and look for compromises
  • Running from a lion – you are afraid of a situation or person
  • Running from a snake – you will achieve victory
  • Escape by car – do not run away from change
  • Escape by bicycle, motorcycle – take the reins of your life with all responsibility
  • Fleeing from a thief – you feel wronged by someone
  • Runaway child – running away from your responsibilities, growing up
  • Escape of a bird from a cage – you need freedom
  • Fleeing a cat – someone will betray you or let you down
  • Escape of a rabbit – don’t be afraid to spare
  • Escape of a horse – solve problems on the fly
  • Escape of a pig – prosperity is within your reach

Mystic dreamer – escape

This symbol can mean that on waking you are afraid of some danger and do not want to face it, but want to protect yourself from it.

The meaning of the dream of escape

If you dream that you are helping someone to escape, it is a sign that your kindness to others will bring problems on your head.

If you dream of escaping, it foretells that you will be able to avoid a threatening danger.

If you escape from prison, it is a sign that you will soon receive bad news.

If you escape with someone else’s money, it foretells that you will suffer losses, but they will not be very serious.

If you dream that someone is fleeing with your money, it is a signal from your subconscious to be more careful when you wake up, otherwise you may become a victim of fraud.


If you dream of running away from wild animals, it is a sign that people in whom you had complete trust will hurt you in some way.

If you run away from a disaster, it foretells that you will get involved in a bad matter and the consequences may be felt for the rest of your life.

If you see someone running away in a dream, it predicts that you will experience many disappointments in life.

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