Pregnancy test

Pregnancy test

A dream about a pregnancy test can be a harbinger of something new in your life. The beginning of something you are waiting for or something that will surprise you.

The meaning of the dream about a pregnancy test is associated with new periods and life cycles. From this point of view, the dream suggests changes, transformations in waking life. Rarely it can refer to true feelings and the desire to have a family.


Dream meaning of Pregnancy Test

To buy a pregnancy test

This dream can mean that someone wants to test you. It can also symbolize that you want to protect yourself from something or know something earlier than others.

To take a pregnancy test

The dreamer believes that such a dream may be the result of feeling insecure, for example in a relationship or at work. Seek support from loved ones and take courage.

Another meaning of this dream is that you are worried about how you will appear in front of others.

Positive pregnancy test result

You begin to enter a phase of withdrawal, isolation and lack of satisfaction. You perceive more and more obstacles. Therefore, a dream about a positive pregnancy test (two lines on the test) indicates the need to maintain harmony in your reality. This requires effort. It is not an easy task to eliminate addictions in thought and behavior that serve as an anchor and keep you in the same place. The dreamer recommends: devote yourself more to your goals, strive for perfection, improve your skills, learn, read, and move forward.

Negative pregnancy test result

A negative pregnancy test result (one line) means that you think pessimistically, which creates obstacles and makes it difficult to achieve your goal.

Therefore, a dream about a negative pregnancy test symbolizes the need to strengthen your willpower and good thoughts. This will make you break the current cycles that are holding you back from moving forward. When negative thoughts and worries arise, simply ignore them and get on with your business.


Another meaning of this dream is that you will give up some action.

Dream Meaning: Pregnancy Test

  • To buy a pregnancy test – someone wants to test you
  • To take a pregnancy test – you feel insecure, look for support in loved ones
  • Positive pregnancy test result – you start to withdraw, improve yourself and move forward
  • Negative pregnancy test result – reject negative thoughts

Mystic dream meaning – pregnancy test

If you dream that you are taking a pregnancy test and awaiting the result with uncertainty, it means that you do not feel completely secure in the relationship you are in when you wake up, perhaps because you do not have the support of a loved one.

Meaning of the Pregnancy Test in Dreams

If a pregnancy test appears in a woman’s dream, it is a sign that she is unconsciously wondering if the man she is currently involved with will be a suitable father for her future children.

If a pregnancy test appears in a man’s dream, it means that when he wakes up, he is worried that he will not live up to some expectations placed on him.

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