To pass an exam in a dream means that you will be tested or examined in some area of your life. A dream about exams is associated with anxiety.

In such dreams, you may discover that you can’t answer any of the exam questions, that the exam is in some foreign language, or that your pencil breaks at that moment.


You may be running out of time and can’t complete the exam in the allotted time. Or you may be late and miss the exam. All of these factors are possible. If you see yourself in the exam, you feel that your beliefs are being tested. The dream is associated with self-criticism and the need to meet high expectations in your life.

Dream meaning exam

To pass an exam

If you performed well in a dream on a test, you could be vital in a difficult period of your life upon waking. Usually, an exam shows that you may have some ideas or need to show some actions to others.

If you feel lonely in the exam, there are worries. You may need a rest away from other people.

A dream about an exam also suggests that you don’t feel prepared for some challenges in your life. Maybe you’ve been procrastinating and doing everything at the last minute. You may even feel guilty because you didn’t prepare well enough for a test, meeting, business proposal, or project.

You passed an exam

Stop constantly judging and disciplining everyone. If you dream about passing an exam, it means that you set high expectations for others. You like to set the rules and would like others to do the same.

If you are in a relationship, taking the test may indicate that you are trying to see if your partner is perfect, such as before you propose to him or make some important decision. Try not to be too harsh; appreciate your partner’s feelings. You create a set of questions to give an opinion.


A dream about passing an exam means completing some stage in your life. There may have been a significant change in it recently, such as a change of job, graduation, promotion, or becoming a parent. You are happy and confident in your achievements. If you are not satisfied with the result but still pass the exam with a high grade, it may mean that you have set too high a goal for yourself.

The meaning of the dream also symbolizes that you have power over others. Consider whether you are abusing your power. You may have been given a new position and had a team of people you manage.

You did not pass the exam

If you dream that you failed an exam, you will shortly feel utterly unprepared for a situation. It is essential to realize that you need to accept what is happening and be able to take the following steps. When you dream about failing a test, pay attention to the reason for the failure. These reasons may be related to your failures on waking.

Knowing how to recognize failures and learn from mistakes is essential. The dream encourages you to analyze your mistakes and see the positive events.

You do not take an exam

The dreambook warns that you are likely to encounter some problems. You may need more time to take a step that will mean a significant change. Fear has big eyes; remember this.

You need to know the answers to the questions.

You may be putting off doing something at work or at home. Or maybe you’re actually afraid of the challenge. A dreamy vision of an exam and a lack of knowledge could mean that you must prepare more to achieve your goals.

Cheating on an exam

Dreams about cheating signify a lack of concern for ethics and honesty. The dream reflects real situations where you are not afraid to break the rules. Ask yourself, are you open daily?


Examination notes

Seeing exam notes in dreams represents the details of your activities and work. Are you nearing the end of a project and feeling nervous about missing important details? Or do you need to have all the tools to achieve your goals? A dream about exam notes may reflect a lack of confidence that you are prepared and ready to complete a task.

Types of exams

Oral exam

A dream about an oral exam informs you that you have the drive to perform. You are full of energy and enthusiasm. Take advantage of this time to accomplish things you have been putting off.

Written exam

Look at the world more optimistically. The dreambook warns that you are too concerned about some things. Some of them are exaggerated by you, and some do not exist at all outside your imagination.

Baccalaureate exam

You will be satisfied with the results of your work. You will receive a payment or reward that will satisfy you. The dreambook assures you that your efforts and efforts will be rewarded accordingly.

Graduation exam

The dream draws attention to your professional competence. This is an excellent time to improve your skills and expand your knowledge. It may be time for additional training or a career change.

Examination in mathematics

A dream about a math exam is related to financial issues. It reflects your anxiety as you wonder if you will have enough for all your expenses.

If you take a math exam in a dream, Dreambook suggests that your practical skills are causing you concern. Should you ask someone for help?

If you cannot complete the test, you should consider how to deal with your feelings.


English exam

The English language exam in dreams is related to communication in waking life. You should find new ways to solve problems and focus more on ways to express yourself. If you can’t write during the test, it may suggest that you focus on unimportant things and need time to solve a problem.

Driving test

The dream warns you to be careful. Do not make risky decisions or actions. Take care of your safety and the safety of others.

Dream meaning of exam

  • To pass an exam – you feel like you need more preparation for a challenge.
  • You passed the exam – stop judging and disciplining everyone
  • You did not pass the exam – learn from the mistakes you made
  • You do not take the exam – you are uncertain of your abilities
  • You don’t know the answers to the questions – you feel you are not well-prepared to achieve your goals
  • You cheat on the exam – be honest in everything you do
  • Exam notes – you lack self-confidence
  • Oral exam – realize the things you have been putting off for later
  • Written exam – look at the world less suspiciously
  • Matriculation exam – your efforts and efforts will be rewarded
  • Diploma exam – you can get more training
  • Math exam – you are constantly thinking about expenses
  • English exam – work on your communication
  • Driving exam – take care of your safety and the safety of others.

Detailed interpretation of the dream about exams

When you dream that you are examining someone, it is a sign that shortly you will give someone some critical favor.

When you pass an exam yourself, it is an encouraging sign, foretelling that you will eventually be able to find a beautiful job, not only financially, but also by your interests.

Suppose you dream that you pass the exam with an A. In that case, it is a sign that you will succeed in putting into practice some of your plans, while if you fail the exam, it is a sign that you will succeed in some important matter.

Conducting an exam foretells that you will achieve your goal. At the same time, the anxiety you feel before an exam signals from your subconscious not to take failures too hard to heart, as they are perfectly natural.

Dream about tests, school, and exam

Not surprisingly, education and passing exams are common themes in dreams. After all, many years of education are a chunk of everyone’s life! According to Psychology Today, school dreams are prevalent among adults of all ages and rank among the top 5 most common dreams.

Consider how you felt in the dream and what details you noticed.


What does it mean to dream about tests and studying at school?

A dream about a test or exam may indicate that somewhere in your life, you feel “put to the test” or subjected to scrutiny. These dreams are rarely pleasant, and the most common test dreams are those in which you feel stressed or unprepared. Are you going through an experience where you are being tested or evaluated, perhaps at work, in a relationship, or in school? Is something happening that makes you feel that “someone is testing you”? Your dreams may be a sign of stress, but perhaps there is something you can do to be better prepared for life’s tests and to deal more easily with the trials life subjects you to?

Confidence + Self-esteem

Getting a good grade on a test or school assignment can be uplifting and motivating. Doing well can boost our self-esteem and self-worth. But failing a test or getting a bad grade on a school assignment isn’t great. It can make you feel you’re not good enough, which can destroy your confidence and deplete your self-esteem. A dream in which you perform poorly in such situations could signify that you don’t feel good about yourself or any of your qualities.

Do you feel you are not good enough in some areas of your life? Do you talk harshly and critically about yourself throughout the day? What can you do to change this?

Here are some simple suggestions for building self-esteem if you feel this is a problem you are facing.

  • Avoid negative statements about yourself.
  • Try to appreciate yourself.
  • Stop comparing yourself to others.
  • Praise yourself for your efforts, even if they are not always successful.
  • Show gratitude often.
  • Learn a new skill or improve the one you already have.
  • Most important: be kind to yourself!
  • Remember, no one is perfect!

Achieving goals + Overcoming challenges

Failing a test or not completing a task can mean feeling good or bad, and the results can also symbolize the goals we would like to achieve and the challenges in our lives. Did you do well on your test or task in your dream? You may be close to achieving a goal or approaching the end of a difficult period. If you did the task poorly, you don’t feel close to achieving your goal or can’t meet the challenges you face. You may have missed a test or didn’t turn in your school work. This dream may suggest that you are hiding and avoiding conflicts. You may be in denial that you have a problem that needs to be dealt with, and this dream may be a call to recognize what you need to address.

Dream questions

To better understand what your dream means, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do you think about testing/studying at school in your daily life?
  • Do you have any personal associations with passing tests/school?
  • Did you pass, excel or fail exams/school work?
  • How did you feel in the dream?
  • What other symbols appeared in the dream?
  • Do you feel that you are being “tested”?
  • What is your self-esteem?
  • Are you worried about something?
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