ex boyfriends dream meaning

Ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend

The appearance of your ex-partner in a dream always awakens emotions, memories, and feelings, depending on the time of the breakup and your current relationship.

Dream Dictionary Ex boyfriend, ex girlfriend

After your relationship is over, there may be problems or conflicts that you need to resolve. Therefore, dreams about an ex-partner are common and can have several meanings and be associated with nostalgia, mourning, uncertainty, anger, and love.


Such a dream may appear when you have problems with your current partner. Then the dream means longing for similar feelings, peace, satisfaction. If you are in a successful relationship and about your ex-partner, the dream may suggest that something is going on in his life that may require your help or explanation.

Dream meaning Ex-girlfriend, ex-boyfriend

Your ex-partner wants to come back to you

This type of dream can have different meanings depending on how you feel when you wake up. Such a dream can be a nightmare for some and the fulfillment of hidden desires for others.

Dreaming that your ex wants to come back to you is usually a sign of a hidden desire that you expect in real life. Therefore, if the ex-partner appears in a dream many times, perhaps you should talk to him, make peace, resolve some conflict, explain everything and lead to a situation where you can calm your conscience.

Other meanings of dream may be that you lack affection or long for a stable relationship.

ex girldfriend dream symbol

Conversation with an ex-partner

Perhaps you need to re-feel the emotions you experienced during the relationship you ended.

It makes sense to talk in a dream. It may cover various matters that may need to be resolved while you are awake.


If your ex-partner gives you advice about your current relationship in your dream, the dream suggests not repeating the same mistakes in your new relationship.

Cuddling with your ex-partner

If in a dream your ex-partner appears as your protector, supports you, hugs you, and makes you feel better, you should take a good look at your current relationship or clarify conflict situations as soon as possible. Perhaps you are also concerned about changes, such as living with a new partner or getting married.

Kissing with an ex-partner

If you have a partner and your dream is to kiss your ex-partner, you miss that person. They are still in your heart.

Dream can also mean that you value its qualities that your current partner does not have. If you are single, the meaning of dream is apparent: you want to go back to your ex-partner.

kiss sex with ex boyfriend dream

Sex with an ex-partner

Dreaming of having sex with your ex-partner may mean that you are longing for those sensations or even looking to reconnect with them.

If you currently have a partner and dream about your ex, maybe you feel that you lack feelings and sensations in your current relationship. Therefore you miss what you experienced with your previous partner.

Your ex-partner is with someone else

If your ex-partner is with someone else in your dream, the dream may mean that you still maintain – even unconsciously – a bond with that person and therefore feel fear and jealousy.

It would be best if you freed yourself from these emotions. Each of you must go your own way, analyze your feelings.


Your ex-partner is ignoring you

The dream interpretation encourages you to stop thinking about your ex-partner. It is a sign to leave the past behind, deal with current affairs, and re-arrange your life.

Dream can also mean your feelings about your partner’s treatment and fears, e.g., abandonment. Make sure about your feelings.

Dream About An Ex-Boyfriend – Meaning & Interpretation

  • Your ex wants to come back – settle accounts with what has passed
  • Conversation with an ex-partner – something you need to solve, explain, explain
  • Cuddling with your ex-partner – explain conflict situations
  • Kissing with your ex – you are looking for the qualities of your ex in your current partner
  • Sex with your ex – you miss the feeling that you felt with your ex-partner
  • Your ex is with someone else – let everyone live your life
  • Your ex is ignoring you – leave the past behind

Suppose in your dream there is a figure of someone with whom you have been in a relationship in the past, contrary to what you may think when you are awake. It is an obvious sign – it means that you miss this person, and even if you no longer have any warmer feelings for them, subconsciously, you’d like to see her and make sure she’s okay.

Ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend
Ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend

What Dream About Ex-boyfriend Means?

People who are in a stable relationship often dream about their other half and it is no wonder that this person is so important to us, we spend a lot of time with her and plays a significant role in our lives.

However, these dreams do not always look as we could wish for them, because we would always like them to be idyllic images, full of love and romanticism, that is, everything we wish for while awake.

However, even when in fact our life together is going great, it may look completely different in dreams, but it does not have to announce any misfortunes at once, it is rather a warning for us. Interestingly, also single people often dream that they are in a relationship with someone, even married, and in this dream realistic scenes appear, be it wonderful or dramatic.

Interpreting dreams about ex boyfriend / girlfriend

Usually, dreams of this kind, if they are positive, inspire us very well and we think that they are a harbinger of happiness for us, and if we dream something bad, we fear that it will happen soon. However, it is rarely that simple, because, for example, if we dream of a very happy relationship, and we are just lonely, it does not necessarily mean that fate will smile at us soon, but it is simply a reflection of our desires and what we lack. .

It is primarily the need to be close and to feel safe with someone who would give us a sincere affection. When we dream that someone is taking our partner away from us and preventing us from being together, it is a sign that while awake, we fear that our relationship will not survive some difficulties or that we feel that something is wrong with it, all of which are the sensations can only be subconscious.


Interpreting dreams about a boy / girl, husband / wife according to Freud

Freud explained many dreams according to the theory of reversal he created, so happiness in a dream relationship can mean unhappiness while awake and vice versa. If, for example, someone dreams that he is falling prey to betrayal, it most likely means that the dreamer himself intends to betray his partner, although he may not be aware of it while awake.

Interpreting dreams about a boy / girl, husband / wife according to Jung

Jung believed that contacts appearing in dreams between people who are connected while awake, are only an expression of the male and female energy that is in every human being, and he applied it mainly to intimate contacts

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