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dream wingAssociation: – fly, – freedom, – transcendency. Question: About which is I to be risen ready?


Wings and flies are closely connected with each other. Consequently could point out bird’s wrestling to the need of the dreaming for freedom. Wings can also protect and accept in dreams often this meaning. It is a symbol for the playful-light contact with (new) ideas and plans. Maybe you should grow ‘your thoughts wing’ and changes venture which are other ‘to removed’. The wings of an angel symbolise, just as the wings of a bird of prey, the ability of the dreaming to overcome difficulties. A broken wing registers that a trauma stops the dreaming from ‘to taking off’. One must consider as one handles with the wings and like they procure are.


At the spiritual level wings stand in the dream for the protecting, all piercing power of God.


(European ones).:

  • own: Fears around a loving person approach which has proceeded on a voyage. also: if a big disappointment announces in the love,
  • have and with it fly: if brings grief,
  • bird’s wings see: the need will soon have an end, – one will come to money and honour.

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  1. 2 black featherd wings & the Aqua crystal necklace says:

    NOTE: NOT IN ANY OF MY DREAMS AM I FLYING!!.JUST WALKING AROUND GOING ABOUT WITH WINGS!!!!…k so in my dream i was somehow placed in a house complete random house ive never seen or even been in.but i guess its was my x’house for some reasom i was skulking around n her room as if i was looking for somthing . then her sis walks in nd talkes to me (dont remember anything she said but one phrase which was” see she did it again” this is where it gets glitchy!…. somthing happend my crsytal was red dont know what but whatever it was it felt intense like i was being chased or hunted i could feel my heartbeat going up fast nd it gets blurry then next thing u know im jumping out the window nd then go uncontious.. but i woke up confused nd lost thinking that it was just a dream ,so im in another house now wich i think its myne in bed with this weird upper back pain so i get up nd keep noticing the pain so i look nd their they are 2 black featherd angel wings still curled up as if theyve never had the chance to spread themselves i looked in the mirror nd they where there i member i even tried to move em n they did they flapped nd it hurt i could really feel em on my back the feeling was to sureal but whenever i have deep dreams now theyre always there now so i make em flap n move its so wierd cus they really really like REALLY!!feel real i even plucked a lil feather off nd it stung a lil. . now about the aqua crystal necklace!!! this one might seem cheesy but it has somthing to do with my wings.. so a long while ago i had this dream of meeting this girl in a weird ass place it was just me n her in nothing but darkness abyss nd as i look around there is this thin mist of colors all around us nd not bright colors theyre light as if they were dimmed i look down nd thers noting but darkness were just floatin in this empty space. ok so we’re face to face she told me a bunch of stuff nd at one point i remember feeling really sad eventually crying as i hear her speaking to me dont member much but what she said in the end! “i love you no matter what even if we’re split up by diffrent realitys i can hear u ,i can sense u, i can feel u. ill will be by ur side forever i will find u. take this (crystal necklace)it will help u go between borders. when im close itll shine bright blue but red when u are near the keepers! beware the keepers for they want to take u away from this point theres this loud uneasy noise she gets frightend nd tells me pls u must hurry nd remember ur feathers are black nd myne are grey when u r close they shall sprout nd when they do we will be closer to our fate! then the dark abyss slowly turns into the sky while she give me one last gentle kiss on the forehead “i love u ” she says now im falling in the sky with my back turned to the ground looking up at a black hole that i just came out of the in the sky like i just ripped threw a diffrent dimension looking up still the hole is closing . falling threw the sky all i could think was who was she? . ive been seeing my necklace everytime im in a deep dreamsince then nd their has been points where it would turn blue nd this weird misty or blurry figure was around me but mostly in the backgroungd as if watching me! nd thers been points where it turns red usaully only in my nightmares but foreal the black wing dream just happend about a 3 moths ago ive had more recently but not as crazy as the one from yesterday except it wasnt really anything just camping out with my friends n stuff only weird thing was the crystal was shining gold n when woke up i noticed i had major goosebumbs all over nd with 2 big scratches on my back usually where my wings are at. not too severe but like when u get scratched by the fence scratched. 1 on each backbone rite underneath my shoulders! so this may sound fake n all but all this is really going on in mah dreams. ive told freinds nd even my parents nd even my doctor but they just dont believe it i guess i jsut wana know what all this means! who is that girl? why does she love me? whats with the crytal nd the black feathered wings? what are keepers? nd going threw borders? NOTE: WHEN I DREAM IM AWARE THT IM DREAMING ND THEREFORE HAVE JUST LIL TINY BIT CONTROL OF WHAT I DO OR AM DOING IN DREAMS. idk im the type of person who believes dreams are just our own memories in diffrent reality’s or time! i just dont know but this dream has had me thinking really hard the past 2 years! what does this mean?????

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