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dream petticoatPetticoats in a dream pertain to marital or romantic affairs, and their meaning depends on the action and other aspects of the dream which must be correlated, but as a general guide: petticoats which the dreamer considered as pleasing or pretty (rather than strictly utilitarian) are a warning against vanity and conceit; buying petticoats is a caution against extravagance; changing a petticoat predicts that the dreamer will soon be ‘off with the old, on with the new'; losing a petticoat is a sign of unexpected rivalry for the affection of someone the dreamer takes for granted; a torn petticoat indicates disenchantment; a mended petticoat (or to mend one) is a warning against foolish pride; it is frequently better in the long run to sit on your pride than to stand on your dignity. See also Clothes and Colours.

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