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dream jamHis life hard and bitter seems to the dreaming, and he thinks that it is now in the time to enjoy the wage of his work. One can understand jam, however, also as a fruity bread spread. Then she means new energy, often also in the form of a nice recollection, also in the erotic area. Potted jam stands also for pleasant events in the past on which one can still live, – one should recall them to himself again more often.


Like all sweetness jam is also valid as a symbol for the sensuous pleasure and fulfils (erotic) longing: One nibbles from the ‘sweetness of the Lebens’. If it corresponds to own colloquial habits, the dreamt clutch at the jam jar can also mean that it soon goes in a special thing ‘to the preserves’ – what always the dreaming may understand by it also. Popular:

Dream interpretation and meaning : Jam


    it knows to forget

  • you your worries. However, this brings danger!

(European ones).:


  • eat: Omens for illness and frustration, – small disputes and disagreements in the partnership,
  • with others eat together: if means profit, – luck,
  • produce, prepare: Luck and success in dear affairs.

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Jam - dream interpretation and meaning
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