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All sources pretty well agree that excrement (whether human or animal) in a dream represents money, wealth, profits, or tangible value and is a lucky omen pertaining to material gain.

See also Bowel Movement.

For more information about the meaning of faeces in a dream, check out the “Popular Dreams” section, entry: “A dream about faeces“.

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  1. Mulalo says:

    I dreamt my mum was holding a baby on her hands.Then she changed that babys diaper and put the diaper on the sofa.I saw the diaper and held it trying to throw it away,then all of a sudden i discovered that the diaper had poo all over it,meaning i now had poo all over my hands.I ran to the toilet and washed my hand,and started vommiting the same time because i just couldnt stand the thought of poo having been on my hand.dont have any idea what this means,any help would be appreciated.Thanks!

    • Amigo says:

      isichitho, basobha umkakho/intombi iyahamba. Kukhona omfunayo\noma omdlayo manje ufuna ukunihlukanisa. Nizoxabana waya waya for nothing. Thola inyanga kumbe umthandazi akusize singakaqali ukusebenza. Sibonge

  2. comfort mvutho says:

    i lad a sack on the floor and started defecating, at last i took the poo to the toilet and cleaned the sack that i was using

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