dream woodpeckerKey words: Courage, – respect, – drumming, – communicating loving, – bearer of gifts, – moon of the powerful sun. Description: The woodpecker is the animal totem in the moon of the powerful sun (from the 21st of June to the 22nd of July) to Born ones in the medicine wheel. From the kind meant here of North American golden woodpecker are there in the United States two subspecies, one with yellow ones and the other with red unterwings. Quite a lot of time on the ground spends woodpeckers and sit down like songbirds high on branches. They are drummers who hammer her song in dead branches, in metal roofs and log cabins of wood. In the mating season the presentation of her musical talent is especially noteworthy. In legends the woodpecker is described as a courageous bird, – in some stories one says, he has red unterwings because he has too come close to the fire. Woodpeckers are estimated because of her beating high. Their feathers played with many religious objects and ceremonies of the Indians of North America an important role. General meaning: Your own, special song find, – discover your special place in the world, – improved communication, – intensive desire for respect, – worry about your nest or home, – a time to decorate yourself and your surroundings. Association: To woodpeckers – observe curiously. Transcendent meaning: Understand of your need for respect, – Understand, how much respect forms the life and colours.



  • One knocks around help with you.


  • you may not trust to your surroundings.

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