dream weaselKey words: Pliable, – fast, – long and thinly, – powerfully, – through various tricks. Description: Weasels are small, carnivorous hunters who also do not shrink back to attack often bigger animals than they themselves. The weasel is very pliable, and with many kinds the fur during the winter months changes the colour of brown to white and offers so optimum camouflage. General meaning: A part of itself, that the courage has to act fast, – a pliable aspect of your being, – the trick artists in you. Association: The people who leave a treacherous or crafty impression, – fast like a weasel on account of her face as well as agile movements. Transcendent meaning: A revelation of that what stands in the centre of any thing or situation.


The weasel means a women’s room which knows all tricks and is perfidious, and a process, – then ‘dike’ and ‘gale’ are equivalent. (Dike (process) = 4 +10 + 20 + 8 = gale (weasels) = 3 + 1 + 30 + 8 = 42) Further the death (The connection of the weasel with the death finds her correspondence in the bad premeaning which the old people have ascribed to the animal in), – then what seizes it, goes over in putrefaction. Then good shops and material profit, – some call it, as everybody knows, ‘master Fuchs’. (Wordplay: kerdo = smart aleck, fox and kerdos = profit.) What applies of it in detail, one may infer from whether one near or sees sneaking off whether it suffers something pleasant or disagreeable or acts.



The symbolic animal for agile quickness.



    it gets

  • you with an argumentative person to act, – one should take before perfidious people in eight, – also: Haste acts, your competitors wait for her chance,
  • catch: good shops will yield material profit.

(European ones).:

  • indicates a quarrel with women, – also: Care before such person who want to offer without reason her friendship,
  • on foray see: is valid as a warning before wrong friendliness of former enemies who want to break the neck,
  • only at given time

  • one shoot: one will be able to cross the plans of the enemies.


    a lot of work gets

  • you.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Weasel

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