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Symbol for the role which one plays for the image (the dream shirt looks in such a way as one himself would like to be seen with pleasure) – and in the negative dream the fear of the image loss. Who gives no troubles himself around such things, ‘his last shirt gives’ for others. Shirt often embodies sexual needs which are too strong, as that one might suppress them longer, – fear of an exposure can be connected with it. The following accompanying circumstances admit other interpretations:

  • shirt pull help promises in an important matter.
  • shirt depart warns about disappointments and failures.
  • Only in the shirt stand there called the fear to be shown up.
  • Who sees himself in a dirty or torn shirt, to that everything makes no difference, actually.
  • shirt clean admonished not to get involved with people who damage to one.
  • Who washes his shirt, that wants to shine (in the love


  • shirt iron registers that one is liked and is looked.
  • shirt can change the wish for an erotic adventure or maybe a change of his disposition indicate.
  • of dirty or torn shirt indicates a frivolous, superficial life-style which one should change.
  • Several shirts see signalled the need for more sociability and friends.
  • shirts on the rope or in the cupboard hang, forecast new friendship.



  • see or carry: Secrets get to know,
  • pull: The disagreeable will stay away you, – you have well made provision, the profit comes,
  • depart: you will reveal advantages, – also: pay attention to your health, it announces to itself an illness, – also: you give yourself an unnecessary nakedness. Danger!
  • to themselves see walking around in one: one may look after hopes for happy love,
  • stain: big incommodities,
  • wear the dirty: Warning, the environment could add to one a disgrace of which one is not able to clean himself so easily,
  • see the dirty: do not let from indecent people tempt, – your honour,
  • protects

  • the torn: thwarted hope,
  • sew: Luck in the love and marriage,
  • see wash or ironing or do this: you will make yourself very much popular by your behaviour, – domestic luck, – also: you have secret love,
  • dry: a happy society comes to you.

(European ones).:

  • erotically worried and offensive dream, – also fear or wish to be shown up,
  • many nice shirts see: if quick marriage or new friendship tells in,
  • carry a silk one: one will get in mi├čliche financial relations,
  • see a dirty one: warns about contagious illnesses,
  • carry a dirty one: points to sloppiness, – also: it is charged with one a disgrace or misdeed from which one cannot escape so fast,
  • see a torn one: stands for misfortune and a wretched sphere, – one is too frivolous,
  • carry a torn one: Protection against hostility,
  • wash: further this warns about unadvised speech and action, – one gets in bad society,
  • iron: one will make himself popular,
  • draw a brand new one: soon have luck in the love,
  • one pull: meant freeing from worries, – one is liked in his surroundings,
  • be draw own: one has become estranged by infidelity of his treasure internally,
  • depart: announced nuisance, bitter disappointment, also illness,
  • change: one will change to his lovers or female lovers,
  • walk around in one: one will have luck in the love,
  • lose: meant disgrace in the business and in the love,
  • this means

  • Dreaming a woman of a little shirt, that she must sound unsightly negative clap about herself.


  • pull: Consolation and help are close to you very much,
  • depart: you have a sick person in your house,
  • tore: unfortunately, your hopes will not come true,
  • sew: you have happy love,
  • wash: in your household lives luck and peace.

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