dream sermonSermon (preacher) often symbolises for strict morality images with which one makes the life needlessly difficult to himself and other. She can ask not to take seriously the life to, or warn about disputes.


One notices to himself the text of the dream sermon and then draws his conclusions from the symbolical said. Only with a curtain lecture the state of affairs is quite unequivocal. If the preacher has released a feeling of guilt in your dream in you, the preacher was probably your own conscience.




  • hear: you will been proper, – also: are confronted with unjustified reproaches of a superior, – also: one says you the truth, however, you do not believe them, – (4, – 30)
  • hold themselves one: one will reprimand a being close person on account of his incorrect behaviour, – also: you grumble in other around and create enemies.

(European ones).:

  • promises the suffering consolation and the religious peace, – also: remain not without reprimand and the matters will not be successful simply, however, – approaching inspiration,
  • preachers hear: there will be quarrel (among the colleagues),
  • hear sermon: one should also dwell on during heavy hours no murky thoughts, because one never knows for what everything is good, – bad luck will happen to one,
  • of a sermon listen: one is not ready with pleasure to take to heart the advice more different, even if these are right,
  • with one discuss: one loses with a competition,
  • turn away from one: one will begin with fresh strength once again from the front,
  • he looks concerned: one is loaded by reproaches,
  • see a long-haired: one must argue with selfish people,
  • be: one will suffer losses in the business and unseemly pleasure will take the time in claim
  • see sermon chair: one will represent a high point of view,


  • hear: you will find out sad,
  • preach: you lead a decent conduct,
  • preachers see: Illness.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Sermon

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