A dream about an apple

Dream about apples

The dream about apples is usually associated with feelings, mainly in relationships. It is also a symbol of lust and something forbidden, evil. The color and appearance of the apples are important to interpret the dream well.

An apple in a dream can be a symbol of life, prosperity, and health, but also temptation. Another dream meaning refers to Eve and Adam and speaks of sins, desires, and promiscuity.


Dreaming about an apple also means that you reap what you sow.

Apple dreambook

Blooming apple tree

If you dream about a blooming apple tree, the dreambook foretells the reception of joyful news. It will have significant meaning for your future.

A blooming apple tree is also a sign of peace in the family.

Apples on a tree (an apple tree).

If you dream about a fruiting apple tree, it is because you are at the best time in life to achieve success and fulfill the projects you have in mind.

A dream about an apple tree also speaks of your regret resulting from guilt over something you did in the past. You realize that you need to change. Now you have to decide what you want to do about it.

Apples lying on the ground

The dream means that you are putting off many things. If you try to solve them, the stress will pass. The dream can also mean missed opportunities.


The dreambook also suggests that you should take a better look at your friends, as some of them may turn out to be your enemies.

To collect apples

A dream about collecting apples means that your efforts at work are beginning to bear fruit. Enjoy the positive result of your efforts. It is time to reap what you have planted. Let yourself enjoy the benefits your work has brought you.

A basket full of apples

If you dream of a basket full of apples, it symbolizes happiness and well-being. It means that you have discovered a balance between your body and mind. Don’t let anything disturb your peace of mind.

You choose an apple

The dream that you choose an apple is an announcement that you want to change your lifestyle to a much calmer, more harmonious, and balanced one.

The dream signifies peace and serenity in the personal and love spheres.

To eat apples

The meaning of the dream says that it’s time to lead a more balanced life, take care of your diet, do sports and learn to like yourself more, and finally find the inner peace you’ve been looking for so much.

Eating apples in a dream foreshadows beautiful moments for two and lots of affection.
The dream’s meaning can also refer to sin, the feeling of committing it, and the anxiety that weighs on you. It can also mean a desire to go down the wrong path.

To buy apples

If you buy apples in your dream, it means that in waking life, you surround yourself with people on whom you can always count. Another dream meaning suggests that you will find comfort in others in a difficult situation.


To offer an apple to someone

Such a dream is a symbol of your gratitude. This is someone who helped you in a difficult moment or someone you can always count on. You value this person and want to express to him what you feel.

Ripe and sweet apple

Ripe and sweet apples in a dream signify a happy love life.

A dream about a ripe apple also indicates an improvement in your finances. You will be able to pay off all debts and provide a peaceful existence for your family.

Rotten (wormy) apples

The dreambook warns that you will have to pay special attention to toxic people who are jealous or ready to manipulate you to achieve their goals.

Seeing or biting rotten apples is, according to the Dreambook, a warning for you not to be discouraged by appearances.

When you collect rotten or green apples, it means that you should look at your attitudes and analyze your own concepts of right and wrong. A dream about rotten apples shows that our conscience is our judge and is unrelenting, always making itself known.

Baked apples

The dream means that you will be rewarded for your efforts. Your efforts will be rewarded and appreciated. This may apply to your professional affairs and family or personal life.

An orchard with apples

A dream about an orchard with apples means that you always give yourself to others: time, money, love, etc. Enjoy gifts, expect rewards, and take pleasure in simple activities. It’s time to learn to take.


Stop apologizing for everything and being ashamed of yourself. This is not the way to happiness.

Apple colors

Green apple

A green apple in a dream warns you against haste in life. Don’t be in a hurry. Wait, something is not ripe yet, and you will spend all your energy on something you are not ready for yet.

Dreaming about green apples shows that you have not yet grown up for spiritual things. You are still attracted to the material side of life.

Green, sour apples in a dream are a happy sign for business. You can expect favorable contracts.

Yellow apple

If a yellow apple appeared in your dream, the dreambook suggests that you are jealous or angry with someone. Usually, this feeling refers to a partner. It can also signal problems in a relationship related to excessive jealousy and suspicion.

Red apple

The red apple is associated with temptation, prohibition, and desires. Red is the color of love and passion. You may be living these feelings right now. Dare to give in to temptation and fulfill your wishes and fantasies.

Dream meaning: apple

  • Blooming apple tree – you will receive a happy message.
  • Apples on the tree (on an apple tree) – reach for success and complete projects
  • Apples lying on the ground – do not postpone any business
  • Collect apples – it’s time to collect what you have planted, enjoy the fruits of your labor
  • A basket full of apples – you have found a balance between your body and mind
  • You choose an apple – you want to change your lifestyle to a calmer, more balanced one
  • Eat apples – take care of yourself and like yourself more
  • Buy apples – you will find comfort in a difficult situation from others
  • Offer an apple to someone – you want to show someone your gratitude
  • Ripe, sweet apple – you can count on improving your finances
  • Rotten (wormy) apples – someone may manipulate you to achieve their goals
  • Baked apples – your efforts will be rewarded and appreciated
  • An orchard with apples – take pleasure in simple things
  • Green apple – do not rush. Some situations take time
  • Yellow apple – you are jealous or angry with someone
  • Red apple – you desire to love and passion

Apples – mystical dreambook

  • Seeing an apple in your dream signifies a time of joy, and positive events await you.
  • If you see an apple on a tree, it means that you will soon have a pleasant meeting of some sort.
  • If you get an apple in your dream, it heralds a pleasant event for you.
  • Buying and selling apples is a sign that you have faithful and devoted friends next to you, on whom you can count in any situation.
  • Paradise apples are a sign that in waking life, perhaps only subconsciously, you feel great regret for some event that took place in your life some time ago.
  • If you eat a tasty apple in your dream, it means that happiness awaits you, including in love and perhaps even a happy marriage.
  • Eating a sour apple foreshadows the unpleasantness, sadness, and worries you will soon face.
  • When you dream that you are eating a wormy apple, it is a sign that you will soon part with someone, which will cause great sorrow for you.
  • Picking an apple from a tree is a sign that, in waking life, you are having trouble controlling your emotions. Your subconscious is warning you through this sign that you need to be more careful about this, especially in the near future.
  • Collecting apples from the ground means that good luck awaits you in the professional sphere and, consequently, also in the financial sphere.
  • Peeling apples foretells that you will fail for some reason to fulfill some plan of yours about which you had high hopes.
  • If you dream that you are slicing an apple, it means that you are about to face separation from a person you are friends with.
  • A stack of apples is a harbinger of good luck and a life of health and well-being.
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A dream about an apple


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Dream interpretation and meaning : A dream about an apple

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