Oil is a symbol of spiritual strength. The dream represents stability, as well as happiness and prosperity. Positive changes in your life are coming.

All your projects can come to fruition, but for this to happen, it will depend plenty on you. Don’t worry about other people’s problems. Focus on yourself.


The dream about oil is related to your mental energy, how you handle certain situations, and your emotional stability.

Dreambook Oil

Hot oil

Dreambook predicts that you will have strong and intense emotions, such as anger and jealousy, and there may also be great love.

The dream about hot oil also depicts your mental energy, the moment of emergence of good ideas. Take the opportunity to relax, preferably in nature.

To fry in oil

The dream shows how you deal with your emotions. Dreambook suggests that your emotional state requires more attention, as there may be moments of uncertainty.

To smear with oil

Dreambook predicts important and surprising events, as well as new opportunities. It is worth the sacrifice, as the result of your efforts will be satisfactory. Your finances will do well, but keep them under control. This is also a good time for study.

Get doused with oil

Dreambook notes that you may feel sexier, and more attractive, which will translate into success with the opposite sex. You will benefit from many proposals and be eager for romance. Consider whether it’s worth falling into a whirlwind of amorous adventures.


Dripping oil

A dream about dripping oil indicates that things are taking a turn for the worse. Be alert, if you see something going wrong, react right away. If necessary, seek help. Approach people who wish you well and are ready to help.

Oil spill

If you dream about spilled oil, many negative thoughts may appear in your head. Take a break, relax. Do something that gives you pleasure. Believe in yourself and be careful, because you may quarrel with those close to you.

To drink oil

The dream announces that it is time for you to mature, change your behavior, and become more adult and responsible. You need to look to the future.

Do a self-analysis and see if you are too critical of someone or rejecting someone close to you. If necessary, try to have a frank conversation with him and tell him everything you feel.

Leaking oil

Dreambook points out that something needs more of your attention. Take a break, and do something for your well-being.

There may be relationship problems. Evaluate if a situation makes you feel insecure. This can lead to psychological crises. Seek help if necessary and stay close to people who are an asset to you.

Plenty of oil

Dreambook says that it is time to start new transactions. There may be new clients and new ideas, and you have a chance to gain financial stability. At work and in your love life, follow your goal firmly.

People may want to take advantage of your situation, be firm. However, try to understand others.


Oil filter

A dream about an oil filter reveals that it is time to enjoy every stage of life. Even if you spend your free time with your family, you will have to do something just for yourself. Take a trip, invest in something you’ve always wanted, and seek inner peace.

Types of oils

Cooking oil

Dreambook says that many changes are coming, but don’t be afraid. Change is necessary. Take the opportunity to grow, especially in your family, financial, and spiritual life. Chase away pessimistic thoughts.

Lubricating oil (for lubrication)

If you dream about lubricating oil, it means that you will experience good, happy moments. For this to happen, you must be motivated to carry out your projects. Use the opportunities that come your way to your advantage and enjoy the period, celebrate even small achievements.

The meaning of the dream is also related to awakening desires, you will be firm in your proposals, but you will maintain balance.


A dream about diesel oil indicates that your self-esteem will be higher. It’s time to be more direct and honest with yourself and others. Enjoy this moment and discover a new hobby, go out with friends, and meet new people. Maybe you will find a new love.

Be careful, because now your wishes may become reality. The news may cause you to abandon your routine, but you will know how to handle the situation. Someone may come to you for advice.

Holy oil

The meaning of the dream suggests that now you should not get involved in solving the problems of others, you should focus on yourself and control your emotions.

Take care of yourself, and devote yourself to your work. Everything can work out, it depends only on you.


Dream meaning: oil

  • Hot oil – strong and intense emotions will appear
  • To fry in oil – there may be moments of uncertainty
  • To smear with oil – important and surprising events will come
  • To douse yourself with oil – you will seek amorous adventures
  • Dripping oil – take control of the situation, do not leave anything for later
  • Spilled oil – do something that gives you pleasure
  • Drinking oil – look to the future
  • Leaking oil – something that needs more of your attention
  • Plenty of oil – you are likely to gain financial stability
  • Oil filter – do something just for yourself
  • Cooking oil – a lot of changes are coming
  • Lubricating oil (for lubrication) – celebrate even small achievements
  • Diesel oil – be honest with yourself and others
  • Holy oil – focus on yourself and control your emotions

Mystic Dreambook – oil

In general, this symbol means that in waking life you lack peace and desire to finally experience it, but for some reason, you are unable to provide it for yourself.

  • If you see oil in your dream, it is a sign that in the near future, your life will host peace.
  • Bottles of oil foretell that you will soon have some success.
  • Using oil is a sign that you will be able to overcome some obstacles.
  • Drinking oil foretells that someone who is seemingly very kind and benevolent will not arouse good emotions in you, and you may even feel a real disgust for this person.
  • When you dream that you spilled oil, it foreshadows the considerable expenses awaiting you in the near future.
  • Oil burning with a smokeless flame is a sign that you will soon receive some valuable gift or material help from someone, and it will be of great importance to you, as it will significantly change your financial situation.
  • Oil burning with a smoky flame warns that your family’s peace of mind may soon be shattered by some unexpected important event.
  • Buying oil foreshadows some profit for you.
  • Selling oil is a sign that you have very moderate ambitions in real life.
  • If you dream that you are frying with oil, it foreshadows that you will soon experience worries because of the behavior of someone in your family.
  • Castor oil appearing in your dream foretells happiness for you, which you will soon experience.
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