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dream hayIn former times hay was associated with summer, common works, the harvest and with pleasure. Today the hay fever comes first in the association chain. If a dream of hay acts, the dreaming should deal with the practical part of his personality. Maybe he has the ability to give protection and care to other people. Hay symbolises futile thoughts and feelings under which one should fall under influence not further because they change the subject only from more important things. Often is also expressed in the fact that one takes care in vain and will receive for all strains only low wage and success. Happy recollections and good feelings are shown in dreams often with stereotyped romantic scenarios in which such emotions are repeated.


At this level hay, as well as summer and the feelings linked with him is connected by warmth and luck, with spiritual progress.




  • The grass or the hay means generally for each wealth and money, more, nevertheless, the hay than the green grass.
  • Collecting, finds or places to a hay in heap, he will accumulate according to his amount and goodness monetary treasures.
  • becoming wet

  • Being the hay, he will get according to the moisture in financial difficulties, it has burnt, his property will be confiscated by the authority under punishment.
  • he will have

  • Getting somebody of a known hay, according to the present blessing and wealth of him.
  • he will lose

  • sold one his hay around gold or silver, with annoyance and quarrel his property.
  • see: muddled things experience,
  • the fresh and odoriferous: indicates at comfort of short duration, – also: in professional things care is offered,
  • turn: happy times for you,
  • see driving or drive: one will will try to deceive you,
  • see practising hay: it approaches one a connection with a person to whom one is leant towards very much,
  • lie even in the hay: one should not raise his claims generally to, – also: a secret love affair have,

(European ones).:

  • animal (animal) principle, this indicates that all work brings only little salary,
  • in this kind

  • see a lot: you will receive good news, – luck promises in the love and success in financial matters,
  • see loose the scattered: you should think more realistically and act,
  • lie down in the hay: one must get used in the awake life to more modest relations,
  • lie in it: Satisfaction with modest claims,
  • smell the fresh: Health,
  • see the putrescent: bad progress of all enterprises,
  • mow: Increase of the prosperity, – also: in the life have a lot of good, – as a farmer one will have rich crops,
  • see hay harvest: Firmly with love affair in view,
  • fields with freshly cut hay: Signs for unusual wealth,
  • collect: one should act in an area as fast as possible to bring his lamb in the dry,
  • have the nice: warns about thieves,
  • haycock: strive further, because the foundation is laid for a rich future,
  • hay stack or haycart: if brings use,
  • on a carriage load: if a lot of work brings with bad salary,
  • charge and in the barn bring: the luck is sure one and one will derive big profit from a business,
  • hay loads on the street: if promise meetings with the high-powered strangers who contribute a lot to your joy
  • feed to cattle: one will offer somebody to help which will owe this fallen with love and a transportation one.


  • collect: a business disturbance by the authority.
  • some other way (arab).

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