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dream guardThe guard in the dream is a symbol of that what Freud calls superego, that is of the morality and the social norms and values. In the dream he often has the role of a supervisor. Maybe a part of the personality of the dreaming acts as a supervisor or tries to suppress other parts of itself. At the work with visions we often recognise the aspects spiritual which protect us against external influence. Also they can accept the shape of a guard.


A dream of a guard can refer to the fact that somebody needs or a little bit of the protection or that one must arm himself against something certain. If in the dream a guard obstructed the way: Maybe one feels in the implementation of a certain job hindered? Has the guard maybe warned about dangers on the other way? Then this can be known as a general warning how to be more careful.



The ‘guard can be meant in the threshold’ between the physical and spiritual world.


(European ones).:

  • One is protected by quiet love and friendship nearby. Pleasant and peaceful hours of the togetherness approach. One enjoys them in full trains.


  • see: you must be careful,
  • be: Annoyance.

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