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dream glowThe picture of the glow has to go in the whole dream connection is interpreted, she is same only one picture for a crossing of a situation in the other. Therefore, it matters whether from the glow a right fire develops or whether she goes out. The symbol glow can be according to connection very well also a sign for the strong psychic strength of the dreaming, namely when he glows internally without burning, besides.


A symbol for ‘internal warmth’ and vitality. Maybe how to understand tip: Pay attention to the fact that ‘the glow does not go out’ – that an intensive feeling (or a ‘catching fire idea’) ‘cools off’ not unused. If it was a negative dream to make a warning, from a ‘warming glow’ no threshold fire – from positive events a destructive process can also become by ‘uncontrolled development’ or exaggeration.




  • see rest glow of a fire: your love will cool off (contrast dream!),
  • see strong glow: you have a concealed passion in yourself.


  • This symbol promises mental stabilisation. The dreaming should remain with his plans. Since now after a hard time and a row of check he can reach to internal peace. And Just this moment is favorable to make to itself his own thoughts about the death.

(European ones).:

  • so desperately, as one sees his situation, is not they. One has to do to himself only one exact plan zurechtlegen like one quickly from his difficulties comes out is able.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Glow

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