In a dream, fire has a very ambiguous meaning. Although it is synonymous with chaos and lack of control, it also has its positive side – it represents life energy, intensity, and transformation.

Dreambook fire

Since the dawn of time, fire has been an essential element of existence, so it symbolizes life and all its manifestations. A dream about fire can herald the arrival of hot passion, and it can also indicate an obsession with someone or an addiction to something. It can also speak of intense emotions, creative passion, or strong sexual desire.


A fire dream always represents our emotional side, prompting us to maintain self-control over our passions and desires.


A flame seen in a dream is usually a harbinger of misfortune, but if it has not reached you it is a sign to master your jealousy.

If you saw a flame in your dream that tends to go out, you will feel disappointed in a person you trust. If the flame was very strong and lively, Dreambook advises you to control your temper.

Fire during the day

The sight of a burning fire during the day in a dream usually indicates misleading situations or lies. Think about what you hear and see, do not make decisions fast and without thinking.

Fire at night

If in a dream you saw a fire at night, it means wealth and wisdom. Dreambook foretells an improvement in your living conditions. However, you must use common sense at all times.


If you see in a dream that something is on fire, the Dreambook interprets the dream as a sign that some problem is out of your control. Take more time for yourself, organize your ideas, and make the right decision.


If in a dream you were saving things from a fire, it may indicate an attempt to preserve certain traits and habits that need to be changed. It is necessary to abandon them in order to move forward.

If in a dream the fire burns everything around you, completely out of control, it is a good sign. Such a dream symbolizes the transformation of your consciousness. Calm down, try to rationally analyze what is happening, and accept these changes. An uncontrolled fire can be associated with creativity that needs to be directed.

If there is a fire, but you do not see it, it is a sign of spiritual purification. A new beginning of life. But it can also indicate that you underestimate the risks associated with some activity you are engaged in. If you feel no fear or the fire is under control or in a limited area, the dream may indicate a transformation.

Seeing material assets on fire may signify problems that trouble you. It can also be a symbol of anger, and bitterness. Fire in dreams can reflect the fear of loss, over whom you have no control.

Another dream meaning suggests that you are suffering or will suffer from unrequited love. It can also mean that you will experience disappointment with a loved one.

To set a fire (to light, to set on fire)

The meaning of the dream indicates a desire to destroy something, including your own plans, and achievements, thus it may mean self-destruction. Another interpretation of the dream may indicate a desire to start new projects. Setting a fire also may suggest your power to overcome obstacles that appear on your way to your goal.

Lighting a fire in a dream is a certainty that you will experience an interesting and intense love adventure. The dream can also be translated as the suppression of anger.

Fire in the house

If you see a fire in your own house in your dream, it may be a sign that you are losing your mind in some situation in your life. Seeing a burning house in a dream indicates a loss of emotional or mental stability.


Another dream meaning indicates resistance to change, however, it is in the transformation that the opportunity for improvement arises thus stop resisting and seize the moment to give your life a new direction.

Fire is a transformative, destructive, and revitalizing element, which indicates that after destroying everything bad, you will achieve happiness.

If you dreamed that your house is on fire, it is also a sign of jealousy: someone is trying to hinder your professional life, be careful of co-workers.

A dream about a fire in the upper part of the house means that you should pay attention to the ability to manage your emotions and passion. Look for lasting love, a lasting relationship.

If in a dream the house was rebuilt after a fire is a sign that you will overcome problems.

Man on fire

The meaning of the dream indicates that someone desires something that is yours, material or spiritual. If you dreamed about a person on fire, it may be that person who envies you something.

If you dreamed that you are on fire it means that you are greedy, which negatively affects the course of your life.

Fire in the city (city on fire)

If in your dream you see a city on fire it is a sign that your relationship is burning out.


If the fire engulfs the entire city, it could mean that relationships will be destroyed.

Car fire

A dream about a burning car is directly related to material losses. Insure yourself, keep an eye on your belongings, lock your apartment, and do not tell others about what you own. The dream may also foretell losses beyond your control, such as those related to the market situation.

Circle of fire

The fire that surrounds people indicates a strong bond between them. It means that you have something special in common. Try to remember who you saw in the dream. The dream can be about different relationships.

Fire in the fireplace

Lighting a fire in the fireplace in a dream means romance, and basking by the fireplace usually foreshadows profits. The dream can also foretell a peaceful, harmonious family life.

Fire in the oven

The dream foretells that you will now take care of family matters. You will devote more time to your loved ones, which will have a positive effect on family ties. Perhaps you will make contact with someone from whom you have moved away or with whom you have not been in touch for a long time. The dream may also mean the birth of a child.

Fire in the forest

The dream usually foretells happiness and success in love. It can also be interpreted as a signal that you are loved by close friends.

To admire the fire

When you admire the fire, the dream can mean burning love. It can also signal that you have a romantic encounter ahead of you or that you will meet an interesting person.

To put out a fire (fire)

The dream indicates a broken heart, which is a sign of dissatisfaction with love, or a burning out of affection in one of the partners. If you care about this relationship, get down to saving it as soon as possible.


To get burned by fire

If you burned yourself with fire in your dream, it means that your temper is out of control. Think about your actions, because they can lead you into the wilderness.

Fire and smoke

If you saw fire and smoke in your dream, Dreambook advises: Get ready for a good time in your life. A time of peace and abundance awaits you.

If smoke appeared along with the fire Dreambook convinces you that it is better to be prepared for bad news or financial troubles.

If you are suffocating from smoke, it is a sign of conflicts in your relationship.

Fire and water

Dreambook explains such a dream as a sign that big changes are coming in your life. These can be turbulent moments, after which you will rebuild your life anew.

The dream can also mean purification or spiritual rebirth. It can also be a symbol of the end of a turbulent love affair. It is also a prediction of peace after past events.

Summary : dream meaning of fire

  • Flame – control your temper.
  • Fire in the day – beware of lies
  • Fire at night – use common sense
  • Fire – some problem is out of your control
  • To set fire (light it, set it on fire) – you have the power to overcome obstacles on the way to your goal
  • Fire in the house – you lack stability emotionally or mentally
  • Man on fire – someone covets something that is yours
  • Fire in the city (city on fire) – your relationship is burning out
  • Car fire – be careful with your belongings
  • Circle of fire – there are people with whom you have a special bond
  • Fire in the fireplace – a peaceful family life ahead of you
  • Fire in the stove – you will devote yourself to your family
  • Fire in the forest – you will have success in love
  • To admire a fire – you will experience hot love
  • To put out a fire (fire) – your relationship is burning out
  • To burn yourself with fire – control your temper
  • Fire and smoke – a time of peace and abundance awaits you
  • Fire and water – big changes are coming in your life

Dream meaning of fire

Fire is a powerful element with destructive force, which is capable of destroying all the possessions of our lives, so it usually raises fears in our dreams, especially if it appears in the form of large flames.

Besides, of course, it also personifies light and warmth, but in dreams, we usually associate it with danger, less often with the warmth of a home fire. Besides, fire rarely appears in our dreams as a neutral or positive motif, it is most often negatively characterized, if only because it is accompanied by violent events that make us fearful, even if fire does not threaten us directly.


We also usually dream that we are fleeing from a fire that is constantly approaching us, or its rays are consuming what is important to us.

Sometimes in the dream, we try to extinguish the fire, or we put it out and enjoy the sight of the flames consuming an ever-increasing area, and in turn, these kinds of dreams can cause us to worry about dangerous or strange inclinations that we have not yet discovered.

In the most dramatic version of the fire dream, a loved one dies in the flames or we ourselves are burned. Sometimes, however, the fire in the dream is not a threat to us, but we only dream, for example, that we stare at the flames as if hypnotized, and in turn, such a dream usually puts us in a state of confusion, but we also have a feeling that it must have meant something important.

We may also be warming ourselves by the fire, which fills us with bliss and a sense of security, but this kind of dream usually happens to us less often than the negative ones.

Interpreting dreams about fire

Fire in a dream can be equated with divine power, purification, as well as fertility, and vital forces. It is also a symbol of the sun and the masculine element, associated with primal instincts and aggressive male power.

We can also associate it with all intensity, rage, and destructive power, but also transformation into new, energy and passion.

If we dream of fire and in waking life we have never experienced its destructive power, when interpreting the dream, first of all, we need to take into account what kind of feelings the fire arouses in us in the dream and whether these emotions are negative, positive, or mediated.

Also important is our reaction, that is, the actions we take, whether trying to extinguish or fuel the fire or any other actions. It is also important what consumes the fire in our dream, because even objects or objects that at first glance may not have any meaning for us, may turn out to be correlated with our lives in some way.


When a fire appears in our dream, it may mean that in waking life we are suppressing some great stress, perhaps as a result of the accumulation of problems in our lives that we can’t quite cope with. It can also be a sign that we are suppressing some intense emotions within ourselves and are afraid that someday we will no longer be able to keep them in check and they will get out of our control.

When we dream that we are on fire, it is a sign that in waking life we place limitations on ourselves that enslave us, because we do not allow ourselves to give in to passion, passion, or some feelings.

When we dream that we see a great pillar of fire in the sky, it means that subconsciously we realize that a good time is coming for us and soon there will be some very happy event for us in our lives.

An extinguishing fire appearing in our dream is a signal that we are afraid that we will face worse times financially, and at the same time, it is a signal from our subconscious to already start saving and preparing for the coming lean times.

If in a dream we stare at a burning fire, it means that in our subconscious there is a very vivid desire for us to gain a higher level of self-awareness.

If in a dream we have been burned by fire, it means that we are very ashamed or feel guilt from something that happened in our real life, although perhaps this is done only at the level of our subconscious, because we try to suppress these feelings in ourselves.

When we dream of a burning person we know in waking life, it could mean that in waking life someone has recently betrayed us, or we are currently in a situation, perhaps some kind of relationship, but not necessarily, that is causing us to stagnate and have no chance of further growth and progress.

Interpreting fire dreams according to Freud

Freud believed that fire dreams allude to nocturnal wetting, which took place during the dreamer’s childhood.


Interpreting dreams about fire according to Jung

Jung believed that fire appearing in a dream is a sign that some important transformation will soon take place in the dreaming person’s life, most likely related to the fact that they will experience some spiritual awakening and this will have great consequences for their existence.

Dream about fire


When you dream about something destructive, such as fire, it is often a symbol of transformation and transfiguration (something burned in a fire is no longer in its original form, often completely unrecognizable). When you dream about something on fire, even about yourself on fire, it can mean that you are experiencing a significant event in your life that will change you greatly.

Passion: strong feelings

We often associate fire with passion, this applies to feelings, love, relationships, and commitment in any area of life.


Dreams about fire can also be a symbol of strength. It can mean strong feelings, but also power in your life to help you achieve your goals and aspirations.

Releasing energy and emotions

Many people practice release ceremonies with fire, which symbolizes the ultimate transformation and change, a departure from what was. If you are releasing a lot of emotions or have a lot of feelings that may need to be released, fire often appears in dreams.

Spiritual teachings

Fire can be a symbol of the Holy Spirit in Catholic studies – or a symbol of fire and sulfur, or the devil.
As a symbol of the Holy Spirit, it reminds us to think of the burning bush on Mount Sinai from which God spoke to Moses – a symbol of the power of faith and a higher power. As a symbol of the devil, it warns against temptation, taking shortcuts, and deceiving others and oneself.

One’s own house on fire

A house in a dream often symbolizes oneself. Pay attention to how you feel in the dream – is it as if things were out of control, or did you have a sense of excitement or curiosity?

Forest fire

A fire can symbolize your feelings when they are very intense and out of control, or it can mean that you are afraid of violent feelings, or emotions.


Small flame

If you see a small flame in your dream it may be a symbol of finding an inner spark – do you recognize your true passions in life? Perhaps you are looking for a sign of hope?

Candle flames

If you dream about lighting a candle, it could mean that you are honoring something or someone from the past and are grateful for experiences or lessons learned. A candle can often be a sign of release. The color of the candle may have some meaning, as candles are often used in religion and meditation.


Campfires are a place for socializing and relaxation. If you dream about a bonfire with a group of friends it may mean that you feel a spiritual connection with these people.


While a dream about being burned may seem a bit scary to you, it could actually mean that you are in the process of discovering new things and are worried that you may become disillusioned or suffer losses from the upcoming changes.

Walking over red-hot coals

You may feel as if you are being tested by someone in your life. This may be a sign from your higher self to remind you that you have everything you need to achieve your goals and things that may seem impossible to others.

Cooking over the fire

Cooking over the fire is a sign that you are in the process of creating. You can think of ways to achieve your goal, look for creative solutions, and develop your passions.

Dreambook mystical fire

Dream meaning of fire in mystic dreambook

Did you dream about fire or flames? Fire can happen in our dreams in many different situations and can be a very ambiguous symbol.

  • If you see a bright flame of fire in your dream, it is a sign that you love your loved ones very much, with reciprocity.
  • A fire with plenty of smoke foretells that soon there will be some misfortune in your life.
  • A bright fire heralds a peaceful family life and the warmth of home for you.
  • A huge fire is a harbinger of a major success awaiting you.
  • If in a dream you see or start a fire in a field, it foretells that you will soon make a long-lasting friendship with someone.
  • When you dream that you are dancing around a campfire or watching others dance, it is a sign that you are about to have a fun, enjoyable outing.
  • Touching the fire foreshadows privation for you.
  • When you burned yourself with fire in your dream, it is a sign that hard times are coming for you.
  • If you have fallen into the flames, you can expect to suffer some losses soon.
  • When you see a fire in a stove or on a hearth, it foretells that you will soon have children or if you already have them, you will experience great joy through them.
  • If in a dream you see a house occupied by fire, it heralds great family happiness for you.
  • Extinguishing the fire in the stove or on the hearth is a harbinger of a serious illness, but not necessarily for you, perhaps for someone from your immediate environment – family or friends.

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