Dusk dream dictionary


Dusk dream dictionary

Dusk – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – Beginning, – understanding. Question: – What begins?


Dusk describes an unclear situation in which we are. The fusion of light and darkness is valid as a symbol for romanticism and the (psychic) ‘floating between two worlds’.

  • dusk in the morning registers in the dream that something new originates which will probably go out favourably, – a hope symbol this allows to hope that, nevertheless, we will solve our problems, finally.
  • in the evening symbolises the dusk the crossing of activity to rest and rest, then one should learn to let go the strain and to enjoy the created. The dusk stands also for a gentle Abschiednehmen which carries at the same time the chance of a fresh start (the next sunrise) in itself.



  • you is an ambivalent symbol again: A relatively bright and warm dusk says the dreaming that his hopes are entitled, dark or rainy ones mean, now there are difficult times to master.
  • draws the attention In general of them the person to the fact that she lives currently not enough consciously which allows to pass days itself and partially loses itself in the fog of the recollections and desirable images. In principle the dusk stands for Half and unconscious, for that what the dreaming edges out, for the truth which he does not want to admit. (Man

+ / woman +)

(European ones).:

  • dusk: stormy, impetuous times approach you, – sombre views for trade are still strengthened,
  • daybreak means good, – a new world is prepared.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Dusk

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