christmas tree dream meaning

Christmas tree

The Christmas tree is a critical element of Christmas. A Christmas tree represents your family, love, and social relationships in a dream, but it also indicates your state of mind.

All the most typical Christmas situations are reflected in the Christmas tree and its appearance. Think about, what Christmas tree do you dream about?


Dream Meaning Christmas tree

Christmas tree

When a Christmas tree appears in a dream with many lights and colors, it means abundance and happiness. Your dreams can come true now. In the family, consent will return, or ties will be strengthened.

A dream about a Christmas tree can provide you with important information about your life moment. Think what the tree looks like? Is it beautiful, colorful, shiny, or unadorned, withered?

christmas tree dream symbol

Cutting down the Christmas tree

If you cut a Christmas tree in a dream or watched someone do it, the dream book warns: Your ambition may prevent you from implementing your plans. Get off your high horse.

You are buying a Christmas tree

You are at a market full of Christmas trees in your dream, so you can choose which one you want to take home. If there are too many, the dream indicates that you have difficulty making decisions in your daily life. Perhaps it is a period of uncertainty and anxiety for you.

You are decorating the Christmas tree

This dream speaks of the preparations for the holidays that you like so much. You plan everything, which makes you happy.

If you were decorating a Christmas tree in a dream, it means that you are growing up (mature) as a human being. Celebrate and enjoy the moment. Bet on acquiring knowledge and skills, broaden your mental horizons.


Decorated Christmas tree

If your dream is a picture of a beautiful Christmas tree with sparkling lights, figurines, and ribbons, and you can see your whole family around you, it means that you live magic and illusion. You would like the ideal to be real life. It never is. Look at things without prejudice and listen to what your loved ones need.

You take the Christmas tree apart

If you take a tree apart in a dream or see someone taking it apart, it symbolizes that something will spoil your plans or go wrong. Some difficulties will stand in your way.

Christmas tree without decorations

When a Christmas tree appears in a dream without ornaments, you face a period of great disappointments, but you are going to meet them. Not everything in life goes as we would like. It doesn’t mean that something you’ve been striving for is unattainable. Try another method to get it.

Are you feeling lonely? If in your dream you see a tree without ornaments, there are no gifts under it, the dream book suggests that you have broken away from your family or that you feel aversion to Christmas. Dream is also a reflection of a delicate emotional situation, feelings of sadness and neglect.

christmas tree dream dictionary

Stolen Christmas tree

You come home and discover that the beautiful tree you decorated is gone in your dream. This dream means that someone is interfering with the implementation of your plans, blocking your way, preventing you from being happy. You search the entire house but don’t find it, so it has been stolen.

No Christmas tree

A dream is a picture of all the things you would like to have and not have. What you would like to be, and you are not. It is full of sadness because the reasons why there is no Christmas tree in your home are not clear. This may be due to over-expectations in life, but you also need to remember that no one will do it for you if you don’t put this tree in your life.

Watching the Christmas tree

If many people (you know or unknown) admire your Christmas tree in your dream, the dream tells about your social life, relationships with others, and communication.

Depending on what you do in your dream, how you behave – you should conclude your waking problems, e.g., if you stand aside – does it mean that you are avoiding contact with others, withdrawn, or have you severed a relationship with someone?


Christmas tree all year round

Suppose your dream has undoubtedly passed the holiday season. In that case, e.g., it’s already summer, and you still have a Christmas tree in your living room, the meaning of the dream may be that you understand that happiness and good wishes are valid all year round and need to be fulfilled every day.

An overturned Christmas tree

A fallen Christmas tree in a dream may mean that a certain stage in your life ends. It was difficult, at times straining, but it taught you a lot. Bet on development, courage, and self-confidence. Time to move on. Don’t stop or look back.

Green Christmas tree in the forest

This heralds a sudden change of plans. It definitely won’t suit you, but approach it with calmness and openness. Perhaps you will avoid something unpleasant this way. After all, nothing happens without reason.

Many Christmas trees

Perhaps you have several interests or projects, dreams or goals that keep you active and very positive. However, you need to be realistic about your possibilities and situation. If you dream about many Christmas trees already decorated and lit, Dream interpretation warns against illusions.

Dream also means you’ll get a promotion at work, and if you don’t, you’ll find one soon. If you are already in a high position, recognition awaits you for what you have done.

What Does It Mean to Dream of a Christmas Tree?

  • Christmas tree – your dreams can come true now
  • Cutting down the Christmas tree – your ambition may prevent you from implementing your plans
  • You buy a Christmas tree – you have difficulty making decisions
  • You decorate the Christmas tree – you are becoming more and more mature
  • Decorated Christmas tree – get down to earth
  • You take the Christmas tree apart – something will spoil your plans or go wrong
  • Christmas tree without decorations – you broke away from the family
  • Stolen Christmas tree – someone interferes with the implementation of your plans
  • You don’t have a Christmas tree – you are disappointed, and you don’t know what you want
  • Others are watching your Christmas tree – think about your relationships with others
  • Decorated Christmas tree all year round – you strive for happiness
  • An overturned Christmas tree – ending a certain stage
  • Green Christmas tree in the forest – change of plans
  • Many Christmas trees – do not be deluded. Judge things for real
Christmas tree
Christmas tree
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