Chalk dream dictionary


Chalk dream dictionary

Chalk – Dream Symbol Interpretation

With her it is held ‘a little bit’ which disturbs us or another person in the awake life and the colour of the chalk or that what writes one with it other tips can give.



  • see or with it write: meaninglos talks will not annoy you, – also: your property crumbles.

(European ones).:

  • announces debts and warns about carelessness, gullibility and financial risks as well as deception,
  • chalk rocks see: meant a disappointment of long-preserved hopes,
  • with school chalk write: it is given a public honour,
  • the hands of full chalk have: disappointments stand in the house,
  • applies a woman white chalk on her face, she spins intrigues to attract admirer.


  • write with it: you will discover a deception.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Chalk

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