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Dream about blood

A dream about blood can be understood as a symbol of struggle and overcoming problems.

It is usually associated with the effort you have to put in to overcome adversity.


Dreambook blood

To bleed

If you dream that you are bleeding it is a call to avoid unnecessary arguments. It can also mean that you are afraid for your health. Be more careful and prevent illness.

If you dream that someone is bleeding it means that this person is suffering because of you. However, if the blood is yours, you are being hurt by this person and the reason you are suffering is directly related to their actions.


If you dreamed that you have a hemorrhage, it is a harbinger of travel, you will be lucky and everything will turn out well. If you saw another person bleeding heavily know that the time is favorable for research and projects. If you rescued someone, the dream is a sign of success in love life.

If, on the other hand, you saw blood stop flowing, it is a sign that the suffering you are going through will soon stop.

Gushing blood

Dreambook claims that you will soon make a profit. Be prepared for good deals and favorable contracts, as they will bring much more benefits than you think.

Blood of a loved one

The dream is an opportunity to rethink your attitude towards your loved ones. Analyze your behavior and find out what could potentially be hurtful or offensive to those around you.


Blood stains

A dream about blood stains can be a warning. You may receive bad news. Don’t underestimate your and your loved ones’ health problems. Take care of your family.

Blood on the ground

Dreambook informs that you will have to face some difficulties to achieve your goals. It can also be a warning that you will have to face personal challenges, as someone close to you may want to spoil your plans.

Another dream meaning may inform you that someone very important to you needs your help.

Blood in a snare

The meaning of the dream can be interpreted very positively. You will succeed in overcoming obstacles in your life, even if at the moment it seems impossible. Be prepared for good surprises.

Blood in the water

A dream about blood in the water means that some person very close to you will be cured of an illness. Thus, take the opportunity to show her your affection and support.

Blood from a wound

This dream is a reflection of attitudes in the work environment. Avoid stress and arguments with colleagues, as they will be needless and will only bring more and more irritation.

Blood from the mouth

Stay alert, as something unpleasant may happen to you. It could be problems at work or in relationships, maybe you will give up something or break an acquaintance. Watch what you say and how you express yourself, because much of what happens in your life is the result of your actions.


The dream means that something may spoil your plans. However, this is not a reason to despair. Try to stay calm, because only then will you be able to overcome the inconvenience.


Blood from a tooth

The dream foretells changes for the better. Your plans will soon come true. You will receive what you have long been waiting for. However, it is worth showing initiative in front of others and do something to get closer to achieving your goal.

Bloodshot eyes

Stay calm and try to control yourself. Before you take action in any area of your life, think and evaluate your attitude.

A dream about blood in your eyes means that you are going through a difficult time in your life. The whirlpool of emotions in your head means you need a break so you can organize your thoughts and not act chaotically.

Blood from the ear

The dream warns you not to disregard the advice of people older or more experienced than you. Don’t be so suspicious. It’s worth trusting.

Blood from the finger

The dream is trying to warn you about a thief. Theft may be of something that is very valuable to you, something you have developed or acquired yourself. It may also be something that is not material but has sentimental value to you.

Blood from the stomach

The dream foreshadows misunderstandings, arguments, and conflicts. Dreambook encourages you to think for yourself. If you do not come to an agreement and stop your emotions, you may regret the consequences of these disputes.

Blood from the vagina

Bleeding from the vagina in a dream usually means trouble in the sphere of feelings. It could be a lack of understanding on the part of your partner, some misunderstanding, or a breakup. Another meaning of the dream speaks of weakness and health problems. It is worth taking care of yourself.

Blood on the face

The dream indicates a mental problem that is troubling you. You may have to seek medical help to get rid of it. Try to calm down, relax and collect your thoughts.


Blood on your hands

If you see blood on your hands in your dream, it may be a symbol of guilt for something you did or said. Try to rethink your behavior or resolve what is bothering you.

Dreambook also allows another interpretation of the dream and says that you took the right attitude by refusing someone a favor or withdrawing further help.
It is not worth suffering for those who do not deserve it. Think about yourself now.

Blood on clothes

The dream is a warning, you will soon receive a message that will make you very sad. Some situations and events we can not predict or counteract. Seek comfort from loved ones.

Another meaning of the dream can be interpreted as a warning against newly met acquaintances and friends. Someone of them may try to destroy your career or harm you at work.

Blood on a pad or on underpants

If a woman dreamed that she saw something stained with menstrual blood, the dream foretells joy. Look around you and get the best out of life.

Menstrual blood (period, period blood)

A dream about menstruation is associated with moments of tension. If you are going through difficult moments, you can breathe a sigh of relief because the end is coming.

A dream about menstrual blood is also a symbol of infidelity. It can also signify a change that is about to take place in your life. This change can be both positive and negative.


When a woman dreams that she is menstruating it is a sign that she will soon receive a gift or something positive will happen. Another dream meaning suggests that there will be family arguments, but the bad mood will pass quickly. Dreambook also says that perhaps you should forgive someone.


Dreambook also foretells an important event that will significantly change your relationship with someone you have known and valued for a long time.

If in your dream someone else is menstruating: be careful, he will be the target of malicious comments.

If a man has a dream in which he got his period, the dream may mean that he is making an effort beyond his capabilities.

Blood in pregnancy

The dream is a sign that you will overcome adversity. Don’t be afraid of difficulties, you will be able to solve problems, and you can’t break down or withdraw.

Blood in urine

The dream symbolizes shame for something you have done or shame in front of a larger group of people. Avoid embarrassing situations, follow your conscience, and prepare well before meeting others.

To vomit blood

If you are in a difficult financial situation, an unexpected influx of cash will help you solve your problems. The dream foretells an improvement in your finances, make good use of this opportunity.

You donate blood

The dream that you are donating blood is a good dream and means that you have a good heart and always act in good faith. However, don’t forget about yourself. Also, pay attention to the needs of your loved ones.

You receive blood (transfusion)

If in your dream you are the one receiving blood from a donor it means that you are going through serious problems and need help. But don’t worry, because just as you received blood in your dream, there will always be someone in your waking life who will be ready to help you.


The dream is also a harbinger of solutions to problems that seemed unsolvable.

To drink blood

If you dream that you are drinking blood, you can take this sign as a wake-up call to curb your ambition and aspirations a bit. The dream means that you are a very ambitious person and that you want to control everyone around you. You like to be in charge. Try to relax and rethink your actions, as your actions may be harmful to others.

However, if you saw someone else drinking blood, stay away from that person, because he or she will probably try to use you for his or her purposes.
Another dream meaning is a warning not to take advantage of someone’s trust.


The dream means that there is something or someone in your life who is sucking your energy and leaving you exhausted. Avoid this person. Another dream meaning foretells that you will end up with some of life’s problems.

Dream meaning of blood

  • To bleed – avoid arguments and prevent illnesses
  • Hemorrhage – you will travel
  • Gushing blood – you will make a lot of profit
  • Blood of a loved one – you hurt your loved ones
  • Blood stains – take care of your family
  • Blood on the ground – someone needs your help
  • Blood in a snare – you will succeed in overcoming obstacles
  • Blood in water – a person close to you will recover from an illness
  • Blood from a wound – avoid arguments with female colleagues
  • Blood from the mouth – be careful what you say
  • Blood from the nose – something may spoil your plans
  • Blood from a tooth – you will receive what you have been waiting for a long time
  • Blood from the eyes – try to control yourself, relax
  • Blood from the ear – take advice from older and experienced people
  • Blood from the finger – guard your property
  • Blood from the abdomen – restrain your emotions, avoid arguments
  • Blood from the vagina – pay attention to your partner
  • Blood on the face – try to calm down and relax
  • Blood on your hands – calm your conscience
  • Blood on your clothes – pay attention to new people you meet
  • Blood on your sanitary napkin or panties – enjoy your life
  • Menstrual blood (period, period blood) – changes are coming in your life
  • Menstruation – something positive will happen
  • Blood during pregnancy – you will overcome adversity
  • Blood in urine – follow your conscience
  • To vomit blood – an unexpected influx of cash will help you solve your problems
  • You donate blood – you have a good heart and act in good faith
  • You receive blood (transfusion) – you need help
  • To drink blood – your actions may be harmful to others
  • Leech – avoid people on whom you have a negative influence

Blood – mystical dreambook

  • If you see someone’s blood in your dream, it is a signal that in waking life you are strongly worried about someone and it spoils your mood.
  • If you see a bleeding wound, it may be a signal from your subconscious that your situation in waking life does not look good and it is necessary to put your life in order.
  • When you are stained with blood in your dream, it means that in waking life you feel self-loathing for some reason or at least have problems accepting some aspects of your personality.
  • If you have bloodstained hands in your dream, it means that in waking life you have the possibility of hurting a person, and you should take extra care to prevent this from happening.
  • When you dream of red blood, it is a sign that you will soon experience joy for some reason.
  • Black blood can foreshadow a serious illness for you or someone close to you – family or friends.
  • Clotted blood is a signal from your subconscious that something very disturbing is happening in your body, and if you do not deal with it immediately, you may become seriously ill.
  • If you dream that you are donating blood, it is a harbinger of great success in the professional sphere, which will be followed by great profits and you can expect it in the near future.
  • If you dream that you are bleeding, it heralds general happiness and success for you.
  • If you spit blood in your dream, it may foretell for you an illness, not necessarily yours, or other kinds of unfavorable events.
  • Blood dripping from your nose means that in waking life you are threatened by some unspecified danger.
  • When you drink blood in a dream, it foreshadows prosperity awaiting you.
  • Animal blood heralds success for you in the professional sphere.
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