Bears dream dictionary


Bears symbolize the warrior spirit and the courage to fight.

A dream about a bear means that you are strong support for those facing difficulties. Therefore, it is important to use your strength to fight to the end, despite any setbacks.


The dream also indicates that you follow your principles.

Dreambook bear

To be a bear

Assuming the role of a bear in a dream suggests that other people are controlling you. The dream can also be interpreted as a representation of challenge and confidence.

To see a bear

The figure of a bear in a dream is an important warning of a powerful enemy.

Make an attempt to identify who he is and with your effort and determination, you will be able to win the battle.

A dream in which a bear appears is a sign that you will soon receive good news. Another dream meaning foretells that you need to show good self-presentation and self-confidence to win a job interview or a dispute over a new position at work.

Bear with little ones

According to Dreambook, the dream foretells parenting problems. It can also foretell the expansion of the family. Depending on the behavior of small bears, you can deduce what problem the dream wants to inform you about.


Several bears

Several bears seen in a dream are a harbinger of success related to work.

A dream about various bears also represents problems in the family, especially with siblings. Many bears together cause confusion and a dispute over leadership. Thus, the dream may foretell conflict with relatives. Another meaning of the dream is a harbinger of happiness (if there is harmony among the animals).

Sleeping bear

The dream’s meaning convinces you that you need a moment of rest and recuperation. Focus during this time on any questions about your life.

You may be at a point where everything is going to change, and therefore you need to distance yourself from problems to understand the change.

Bear in the zoo

Seeing bears in the zoo is a sign of happy love. Dreambook predicts that there will be a chance of marriage.

A dream about a bear in a zoo is also a harbinger of adventure. You may soon embark on an unforgettable exotic journey.

Dancing bear (bear in a circus)

Dancing bears in a circus means that you will enjoy good company. A dream about a dancing bear also means that the difficulties you are experiencing will be overcome and joy will soon come.

Bear in the wild (in nature)

Dreambook warns: avoid places or people that may cause problems.


Another dream meaning suggests that you will find a special person and experience a stormy romance with him.

Bear fight

A dream about a fighting bear is a warning that your life needs to change. Thus, you should think about what is wrong in your life, what needs to be fought against, and maybe even what needs to end. You may also want to think about other ways of acting or dealing with people.

Friendly bear

Dreambook warns against betrayal, plotting behind your back, and falsehood. The dream may refer to your personal or professional life. It is worth taking a better look at the people around you, especially those who avoid you or overly praise you.

To hug a bear

Hugging a bear in a dream has to do with intimacy and emotional connection with others. The dream may suggest that you are in a difficult relationship situation, and hugging a bear in a dream reflects a need for affection and attention.

To feed a bear

You will receive a lucrative business proposal. However, you will have to go through some hard times beforehand, beat the competition, or show your ingenuity. You have great power and creativity in you, show it to others.

Bear attacks (aggressive bear).

If in your dream you felt threatened by a bear, expect more luck in the future. The dream may also mean that you will soon face a challenge.

The dream represents one of your childhood fears. Find someone you can talk to and get help.

A bear chasing you (to run away from a bear).

The dream is a sign of a lot of anxiety. You desire to know what is coming, thus you spend your days in extreme tension wishing you could control the future. Just focus on the now. Plan the coming days and you will manage to put everything together.


A bear running after you in a dream means that there are some difficulties on your way. However, if in your dream it is you who determines the path taken by the bear (the bear chases you, but you consciously run along the chosen path) it means that you need peace and solitude.

Bear bite

Being bitten by a bear in a dream is associated with a readiness to communicate with others. This is especially true in situations where there is conflict, deterioration of relationships, and disagreements. If you find yourself in a situation that requires conversation or clarification, do it now.

To kill a bear

Killing a bear in a dream indicates overcoming obstacles. Dreambook perceives that you solve problems and make decisions logically and rationally. This type of dream also suggests that you will have the strength to overcome any enemy in business.

When you see someone else kill a bear it means that his actions will affect other people.

Dead bear

When a dead or injured bear appears in your dream it is a sign that a friend will need you.

A dream about a dead bear also foretells a difficult battle that you will win.

Species of bears

Polar bear (white bear)

A dream about a polar bear represents a new cycle that you are already in, but have not yet begun to feel the change. Events and obligations will move you a little away from people, but this distance is necessary for you to find your inner peace.

The presence of a white bear in dreams also symbolizes that enemies will try to defeat you. Dreambook suggests the need to face the facts in order not to return to them in the future.


Panda bear

A dream about a panda bear means that there is a situation that makes you worry and see things in only two colors: black or white. Try to stay calm and exercise your body and mind. Every situation has different sides, try to see them and don’t succumb to stereotypes.

Brown bear

A dream about a brown bear means that there is someone who needs your protection. Think about whom this person may be referring to. Perhaps this person does not know how or is embarrassed to ask for your help.

Black bear

A black bear in a dream may indicate that you need to take a different perspective on people’s actions and try to understand them better. Do not reject everything that seems wrong to you at first glance.

Summary : dream meaning of bear

  • To be a bear – other people control you
  • To see a bear – you will soon receive good news
  • Bear with little ones – pay attention to parenting problems in your family
  • Several bears – you will be successful at work
  • Sleeping bear – you need rest and recuperation
  • Bear in the zoo – there will be a chance to get married
  • Dancing bear (bear in the circus) – joy will come soon
  • Bear in the wild (in the wild) – you will experience a turbulent romance
  • Bear fight – your life must change
  • Friendly bear – take a better look at the people around you
  • To hug a bear – you need affection and attention
  • To feed a bear – you will receive a lucrative business proposal
  • Bear attacks (aggressive bear) – you will face a challenge
  • A bear chasing you (run away from a bear) – you are experiencing anxiety, don’t be afraid “to spare”
  • Bear bite – this is a good time to talk and end the conflict
  • To kill a bear – you will have the strength to overcome any obstacles
  • Dead bear – a friend will need you
  • Polar bear (white bear) – find inner peace
  • Panda bear – notice that not everything is black or white
  • Brown bear – someone needs your protection
  • Black bear – take a look at people from a different perspective

Detailed meaning of the dream bear

Dream symbols about bears and their interpretations

Bears are large animals that live mainly in forests, they are well known for their solitary lifestyle and hibernation.


Bears are loners by nature, and a dream about a single bear can mean loneliness. Do you spend plenty of time alone or have you recently separated from someone?


Bears are aggressive animals, so the dream may also symbolize your aggression or aggression shown to you by someone else.

Unbearable situation

Perhaps it concerns your work, relationship, or habits.


If you dream that you are running away from a bear or are being chased by it symbolizes that you are running away from your own fears and emotions.



Dreaming about three or more bears may symbolize your family. Pay attention to the features of the bears – do they remind you of family members or friends?

Small bear

Bears are extremely protective mothers, and a dream about a small bear may symbolize that you are an overprotective mother or your mother is overprotective of you.


A hibernating bear may symbolize not dealing with problems as they arise or that problems are overwhelming you.

Spirit animals

Many people believe in spirit animals, which have special messages and guidance for you. Spirit animals often communicate through dreams. A bear may be a spirit animal that provides guidance and information about life in the family.

Tips to help you interpret a dream about bears

What kind of environment is the bear in?

Is the bear in the forest? On a mountain? In a stream? In a field? All these things will help you better understand the meaning of your dream. For example, if the bear is standing in water, it is closely related to emotions. If the bear is on a mountain, it could mean that you are dealing with overwhelming problems or an obstacle that cannot be overcome.

What are your associations with bears?

When you think of bears, what 5 words do you think of? Defining your own words to describe bears will help you better understand the personal meaning of the dream.

What were your emotions during the dream?

Were you afraid of the bear, or were you just watching it? Were you excited or happy?

Dream about a bear

We associate the bear in waking life with a solitary lifestyle, but the first thing we pay attention to in a bear is its massive figure and large size in general.


We also associate it with danger and the natural fear we feel of wild animals, and it is usually in such a context that it appears in our dream, threatening us in some way, or even if it does not attack us, we feel fear anyway.

Interpreting dreams about a bear

In a dream, the bear is a symbol of rebirth and resurrection, in addition to a certain life transition, as it is reborn in the spring after winter lethargy. It also has a connection with the female element, darkness, and strength, and can sometimes embody the male element, a reference to its power.

In this sense, it usually signifies uncouth and primitive force, the wild instincts we have within us, and can also symbolize evil as understood by Christians, that is, as evil, carnal instincts, or even Satan himself. Thus, you can see that these meanings can be very many, so it is not easy to interpret a dream in which this symbol appears, so we must always pay the greatest attention to the references to our individual life situation.

When we dream that we have met a bear and can not make any move, paralyzed by fear of the inevitable attack of the animal, it is a sign that in waking life, instead of moving to counterattack, we passively allow ourselves to be used and treated as prey.

Most likely, we underestimate ourselves and seem to have no means of defending our interests, or we overestimate those who threaten us, which our subconscious wants to show us by visualizing it as a huge, wild animal. This is a symbol of our latent fears that we do not want to think about, thus we push them deep into the subconscious.

When we dream that we have defeated a bear, it may foreshadow that we will be able to tame some of our fears, or that an important change will soon dawn in our lives, which will be a kind of rebirth for us.

If a bear appears in our dream that is in a circus, it is a sign that in waking life we are very sensitive about ourselves and we are afraid that others will ridicule us for some reason, or we feel shame because of something we have committed or because of what is in our mind.

When we dream of a bear being in a cage, it is a good sign, foretelling that we will soon achieve some success.


Mystic Dreambook : bear

Meaning of the dream bear in the Mystic Dreambook

Bears in dreams can have many different meanings. To understand what the bear in a dream means, it is useful to understand the symbols and think carefully about the context of the dream.

Dreambook will help you understand the meaning of a dream about a bear.

  • When you see a bear in your dream, it means that you will be lucky in the near future.
  • If you see a dancing bear, it is a foreshadowing of the annoyances awaiting you as a result of rumors that someone will spread about you in your surroundings.
  • Fighting a bear means that many temptations are lurking around you, but all indications are that you will manage to protect yourself from them and not succumb to them.
  • If you kill a bear in your dream, it means that you have put the worst moments behind you and now things will only get better.
  • When you see a bear hunt, it is a signal from your subconscious to be more careful in professional matters.
  • If you dream that you see a dead bear or its fur, the Dreambook foretells happiness for you, but at the same time indicates that you will not achieve it without obstacles.
  • When you see a bear skin, it is a harbinger of success for you.
  • When you dream that you are attacked by a bear, it is a sign that in waking life someone is trying to manipulate you, and you should not allow him to do so.
  • If you see a bear running away, Dreambook foretells some bad events for you.
  • When you see a lot of bears in your dream, it means that you will soon have to deal with things that will require a lot of strength and self-denial from you.

Bears dream dictionary



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