Artichoke dream meaning


When this symbol appears in your dream it may be a sign of problems you will have to deal with and any anger you will feel, but this bad streak for you should pass relatively quickly.

If you see artichokes in your dream, it is a sign that you will soon be experiencing some unpleasantness.


Eating artichokes means you will have to deal with some complicated matter that will make you angry, but you cannot let it engulf you, because only common sense can guarantee that you will get through it.


Artichokes mean because of her stings and sharpness pains, distant losses of earnings, – then the plant has no nutritional value.

See – you will be separated from your loved ones …
Gathering – a hard job …
Eat – pay attention to your health …

Artichoke dream dictionary
Artichoke – Dream Symbol Interpretation



  • secret grief, separation approaches you.


  • of artichokes is to be dreamt a recommendation of not being guided exclusively towards his sexual wishes. Since otherwise health and/or feelings could take big damage. The person concerned should try, to be less spontaneous and impulsive, but to pause on occasion once and to look at his way rationally. (Child-)

(European ones).:

  • nuisances and difficulties which are overcome, nevertheless. If one goes for a certain thing on the reason reason, one will be able to repulse the accusations.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Artichoke

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