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dream whistleIf the dreaming hears a whistle in his dream, this can mark the end of a certain period. Moreover, it can be a warning and draw the attention of the dreaming to a certain event, – what this refers to, arises from the other symbols in the dream. Who whistles in the dream, however, himself, would like to draw the attention to himself.


The whistle heard in the dream can stand in connection with a team’s sport. A whistle is in the training and to the regulation of the play expiry an important aid. Hence, maybe there matters the quality of the whistling sound. If he is shrill and hard, he points out the dreaming maybe to the fact that he a rule of etiquette pass has.


At this level whistle stands in the dream for a spiritual request.



  • something before himself hinpfeifen: you will succeed everything, you are in the middle of a luck time,
  • , loudly and shrill: you do not behave decently, – you damage to you by your manner,
  • hear whistling the amusing: you are made a fool,
  • to a shrill, warning one hear: one wants to draw the attention of you to a danger, – (7, – 91)
  • want to and not be able: you will suffer an insult, – inhibitions and annoyance.

(European ones).:

  • hear playing: Scandal news is spread about one,
  • play themselves one: own call remains flawless what always one also tells about one, – sad news will reach to one, – one is afraid around a person,
  • hear whistle shrill: warns about a danger, – one is soon asked to defend own honour or those of a being close person,
  • this dream a soldier promises

  • of A woman to the husband.


  • hear: one will warn you.

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