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dream totemFrom primitive races as a forefather thought and animal or herbal being honoured therefore) (Totem faith – faith in supernatural strength of the totem and his admiration)

medicine wheel:

Key words: History, – messages, – family, – totem, – symbols. Description: The totem-pole is a beschnitzter trunk, often from cedar which shows figures with important symbolic meaning. He has his origin with the trunks of the northwest and Alaska and often illustrates the clan, totem, animals, fish, birds or mythological creatures. Totem-poles have to tell a story, often those of a family, one Of clan or a trunk. General meaning: Your own history, – news about your family, – the symbols which matter in your life. It is important to perceive the shown figures on the totem-pole, because they can inform you a lot about what has occurred up to now in your life and in that of your family. Association: – Transcendent meaning: An understanding of your biography.

In general:

In the dream the dreaming can be led back by a totem-pole to his basic needs for protection. Besides, it concerns not the protection which a stronger offers to a weaker, but around that who allows to the dreaming to use his own forces gainful.


An object which is consecrated and is equipped by common faith with energy develops a momentum. With the totem-pole it concerns such an object. If he appears in the dream, this means that the dreaming should look above all at those living spaces closer which deal something with his faith.


At the spiritual level the totem-pole in the dream is a symbol for protection, strengthens and power.

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