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dream splinterAssociation: – small pain or inconvenience. Question: – Which small evil may become healthy now?

In general:

A splinter in the dream can stand for a small irritation. He has broken through the defences of the dreaming and now prepares uneasiness for him. Splinters symbolise painful words or frightening images which cause for their part again negative feelings.


In the dream to be a part of a faction, points out to the fact that the dreaming is involved in a thing which deviates from current opinions very much. If he hits on an object which breaks then splintering, he recognises that he exists of parts which prove a whole. Who must go away a splinter from the skin in the dream, feels injured – namely ‘from a little thing’. A symbol for Überempfindlichkeit. (Are you a little bit too softly?)


The feeling to belong to a group of like-minded people can originate when the dreaming has perceived his isolation or, in some cases, his internal disunity and has overcome.


(European ones).:

  • a business success or a won bet,
  • in own skin putting: it is to a lot of annoyance of members of the family or from jealous rivals on,
  • kick themselves during a visit a splinter in the foot: one will soon make a visit or receive which is very disagreeable for, – the shops do not run quite satisfyingly, because one neglects them permanently.

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