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dream sleepAssociation: – Unconsciousness, deep relaxation and rest. Question: – Which part of me is ready to wake up?

In general:

Sleep (en) sometimes warns about the inclination against closing the eyes before the reality against sinking into illusions against making way the own responsibility. Partly arrangements and qualities also appear in it which wait in the unconscious, until they are woken up and are used. If one sleeps with somebody, points to sexual needs or general longing for dear luck.


If one translates with pleasure with the popular expression ‘There, however, we have slept once more quite a lot’, – in other words: One should wake up to solve, finally, his problems. Maybe, however, we are also in the concept to miss something important in the awake life which could get lost to us irreparably. The sleep in the dream can circumscribe also own conscience (‘a good conscience is a gentle rest cushion’). Nevertheless, the unconscious sometimes sees in the dream sleep a ├ťberbetonung of own decency and would like to remind one to become penetration-stronger. Do we see others sleeping, can we calculate on the fact that they also go not quite awake through the life, so that we them (in the occupation?) can overtake. If we sleep with a partner in the dream, can point to good friendship. Who dreams of getting a good night’s sleep, that needs more rest and relaxation. He must learn, to switch off and not to let wear down himself from the stress and to let be off sick. In very rare cases this dream symbol can also point to the fact that one sleeps too much, that is into language of the dream that one goes too unconsciously by his life.


If one dreams of sleeping himself, it indicates idleness, and one believes to be in falling asleep, this also indicates all idleness and adversities, excluded to people who live in fear or expect tortures, – then the sleep scares away all worries and any fear. To get up after the sleep, however, trade and changes, evil means only to those which are tormented by fear. If one dreams of sleeping in a temple, illness or big worries prophesies to an ill recovery, a healthy, however, – who will recover one from an illness because sleeping of all sufferings ├╝berhoben are which other start to attain healing from the gods. In tombs, graves and in ways sleep prophesied sick people the death, healthy shutdown of the shops, – then staying at such places introduces nothing. (It is the faith in the ghosts of the dead people who do her uncanny being in graves. Also the ways with which often graves lay were valid as a place of residence of the minds.) the ritual dreams, the so-called incubation dreams had in old Greece (great importance. Suffer, conflict-loaded, but also healthy who searched help before vital decisions, lay down in the temple to the sleep and waited for a dream revelation of the divinity. The incubation was practiced particularly in the sanctums of the Asklepios, – from that of Epidauros numerous inscriptions with reports are delivered to us by miracle healings by Asklepios.)



  • no good omen, – unbelievable things experience,
  • besides,

  • are disturbed: your members will cause to you trouble,
  • in a bed: themselves leave to the laziness,
  • in own bed: you are surrounded by enemies,
  • in a four-poster: damage,
  • brings your Weichlichkeit to your health

  • in a boat or carriage: A worried life approaches you. Is on the alert, otherwise you are outstripped.
  • outside: Peace and luck, – also: you will soon undertake a trip,
  • in the road: you will do a trip,
  • in the summer house: you miss one dear hour,
  • in the inn: Family quarrel,
  • on the ground: you have quarrel with the darlings,
  • with the lovers: you have unfulfilled wishes,
  • see a sleeping woman, for a man: Deepening a love relationship,
  • see a sleeping man, for a woman: Deepening a love relationship,
  • others see sleeping: a forthcoming joy,
  • other people, besides, observe: one will come to financial difficulties.


  • No good sign: To dream, one sleeps, points to problems with the world and the life, discontent with himself and his everyday life and to disturbances of the mental balance. The debate with a trust person would be helpful. Someone else sleep to see, announces financial difficulties. In general the sleep stands for absence, for ignorance and contempt. (Child)

(European ones).:

  • escape and fear of the realities, – also: one will miss something important,
  • somebody see sleeping: one should not miss a favorable opportunity,
  • sleeping people see: one will soon be able to be glad about something,
  • others see sleeping: one will defeat his opponents in the fight for a woman and gain their favour,
  • somebody of other gender see sleeping: it offers itself a favorable dear opportunity which one should not miss,
  • see for man, a sleeping woman: the love relationship will become engrossed,
  • see for woman, a sleeping man: the love relationship will become engrossed,
  • with a pretty girl: you will be angry at yourself,
  • see sleeping with a young and nice person: if promises internal dear luck,
  • an old and ugly person see sleeping: points to material or external advantages,
  • with a repellent person or an object: one is warned about the fact that own love passes faster than those of the darling and one will suffer because of the escapades,
  • sleep beside a small child: points to domestic joys and affection,
  • feel sleeping: if peace and luck,
  • announces

  • sleep, in own bed: domestic surprise, – outside: a surprise is on the move, – in a foreign bed or in foreign surroundings: tells peculiar relations with another in, – in makeshift hiding place: unpleasant relations approach,
  • lie in the freshly referring bed: if peace and goodwill means for everybody which are dear
  • in a bower: if a future rich in hope,
  • announces

  • rest at unusual places: if illness and broken promises,
  • promises

  • sleep outside: one could soon go away,
  • sleep in the carriage or boat: very worried days, – one should be on the alert and not be persuaded between others to something,
  • want to go and find no bed: promises murky days,
  • to itself see sleepwalking: if a danger tells in,
  • with somebody of other gender sleep together: one himself or the dear partner does not take it with the loyalty very exactly if this is young and nice, – or it indicates at a relationship received for material reasons with which one becomes internally unhappy because of physical aversion against the partner if this is old and ugly, – conjugal scenes approach if it concerns the husbands,
  • Dreaming a young woman, them sleeps with her darling or an amusing object, it is warned against succumbing to his charm willing.


  • under free sky: a voyage approaches you,
  • in the church: wrong news, you are lied,
  • in a bower: hopeful future,
  • in the inn (hotel): a wish will come true to you,
  • in the carriage or in the railway: you will tie on good business connections,
  • besides,

  • are disturbed: Frustration,
  • in the walking (traffic): menacing accident,
  • with the parents: Luck, honour, satisfaction,
  • with him or the lovers: you have envious person,
  • in the bed: Laziness,
  • sleeping see: pleasant visit comes to the house, – joy.

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