A dream about unused rooms

A dream about unused rooms

A dream about unused rooms

It happens that in our dream we are walking around a house – the one we know or not – and we suddenly discover a room which we have forgotten about or even have not seen before.

As a general rule, it is an empty, derelict, forgotten room, it may also be the room we have not seen before.

How to interpret a dream about unused rooms?

A house is a very personal place, in which every room has its own meaning. It usually reminds us of a particular period in our life, it may also be the metaphor for life in general. The rooms and their functions reflect various sides of the dreamer’s personality.

Rooms which we do not use for some reason may be the symbols of faded feelings in some relationship of our life, but, on the other hand – they may symbolize a big, unused potential, which is hidden inside us, and which our unconscious mind wants us to discover.

How would Freud interpret a dream about unused rooms?

Freud believed that rooms in dreams symbolize women. If there are various ways to rooms and from rooms presented in our dream, the interpretation is rather obvious.

How would Jung interpret a dream about unused rooms?

According to Jung, a house is the metaphor for Self, “the residence of mind”. Dreams about unused for some reason rooms are the sign that there are some undiscovered, suppressed strengths and abilities inside us, which will help us reach the new level of consciousness and learn more about ourselves.

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