A dream about being attacked by a wild animal

dream symbols being attacked by a wild animal

A dream about being attacked by a wild animal

Dreaming about being attacked by more or less aggressive and wild animal is never pleasant.

The beast may have various forms – usually it is an alligator or a crocodile, a wolf, a bear, a tiger, a shark, a panther, a mad dog etc. It is usually dogged, tenacious, it raises the dreamer’s level of adrenaline and causes waking up scared.

Usually, such dreams are accompanied by the unclear, tense and mysterious atmosphere, as well as by the sense of fright.

How to interpret dreams about being attacked by a wild animal?

A dream about being attacked by a wild animal appears usually in an early period of human’s life – when we are children and beasts frighten us. However, it may also happen in our mature life. Studies show that wild animals are more likely to appear in little boys’ dreams than in little girls’.

Wild animals appearing in our dreams may symbolize our hidden desires. Interpreting a dream, after an accurate analysis of every detail, we come to a conclusion that the object of our fear is the closeness of something we can not understand and what is rooted deep inside us and makes our normal existence harder.

A dream about wild animals concerns the fear, which is caused by hiding or controlling everything what we consider to be an inappropriate social or sexual behavior.

For children, wild animals are the symbols of all new difficulties and stresses they have to face.
It rather does not any meaning what kind of wild animal attacks us. More important is its behavior, “personality”, the ability of communicating with it, whether it surprised us with something…Finding all the answers will help us match the situations or the people from our real life to the events in the dream and tame our fears.

How would Freud interpret a dream about being attacked by a wild animal?

Beasts, wild animals, etc. appeared in Freud’s dream interpretations quite often. He believed that their presence in our dreams attests the dreamer’s fear of latent, muted and hidden desires. A wild beast may represent a person suffering from these unrestrained problems, or his libido and it’s unused power. The dreamer may also distance himself from his neurosis and fears, turning them into a different creature and finding the way to soothe his anxiety.

How would Jung interpret a dream about being attacked by a wild animal?

Just like Freud, Jung assigned a significant meaning to the wild animals appearing in dreams. He believed that they are important mythical and cultural metaphors, connected with the archetype of shade, symbolizing the mysteries of unconscious mind.

Continuing Jung’s research, the psychologists came to a conclusion that the more ominous the beast is, the more the dreamer gets seperated from his intuition and instincts in real life. The fact that we memorize the dream is a good sign – probably we are willing to take care of the issues in the future and we will start to pay more attention to the role of intuition.

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