dream piePie is interpreted as bread or food, often as a symbol for joy, luck and health.


If you have culinary dreams, pies and other fine mouthfuls which do not belong to the basic food are a symbol for pleasure and cultured joy of life.



  • see: your well-being makes you too carefree, – also: a party in the small circle of friends,
  • see baking: you will hear ugly Schw√§tzereien,
  • bake: Also small joys improve in appearance of the life. Is not discontented.
  • eat: indicates at pleasures of different kind, – also: pay attention to your health which can suffer damage by immoderateness in food.

(European ones).:

  • see: if a pleasure,
  • promises

  • prepare: one will allow himself a harmless joy,
  • eat: if health and well-being tells in if one knows to hold the right measure,
  • in all

  • very tasty ones eat: domestic conflicts can be easily solved.


  • eat: one will want to bring you in rage.

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