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dream paradeAssociation: – playful exhibition, – options. Question: – Which part by me wants to be seen?

In general:

Parade can admonish to more self-restraint. Now and again she should announce good shops. Who sees a parade in the dream, the reminder should take to heart not to live about his relations. It would be cleverer not to want to seem any more than one is real.


Who dreams of a troop parade, can be impressed by power signals and is ready to submit and to discipline if arise from it for late opportunities for advancement. In the psychological interpretation: co-ordinated expression of an aggression potential. Traditionally: There come the new acquaintances which bring a marriage chance.



  • see: you prepare a big party,
  • are present at one: a big festivity experience. (31, – 47, – 69)

(European ones).:

  • see: meant a quarrel with a person in uniform, causes by mindless words, – also: about his relations live,
  • watch as a spectator: one will experience disappointments and miss something, – you will make to yourself much unnecessary work, – reminder the self-restraint,
  • take part: Joy and self-confidence, also warns about wrong friends, – more want to explain than one is, – one is taken by the destiny in taut breeding and is thereby led to success and recognition.


  • see: your salary is good,
  • of foreign troops: you can be contented, it could also have come more badly.

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