dream noodlesNoodles appear body-partly with hunger or express sexual needs.


Symbols for spiritual food which we lack in the awake life to be able to put through us. They point to a lack appearance which we should track down, so that we can undertake a little bit against it.



  • eat: Disgust and feeling of sickness will torment you, – protects you before to a lot of food, – also: your clumsiness is laughed,
  • see: regular life,
  • noodle dough: your patience is put to the proof,
  • noodle fullers see: Annoyance and disputes in the family,
  • make: disagreeable visit.

(European ones).:

  • can be a lack dream or have sexual meaning, – also, however, also: one probably has unattainable wishes, – care!
  • see: one will been bored by somebody or by something,
  • shop or prepare: brings a dull visit in the house,
  • eat: one must make himself a disagreeable, dull visit.


  • make: one will help you at the right time.

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