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dream moonThe meaning of a moon dream depends on the details, but is, in the main, favourable. As with the superstition, to dream of seeing a new moon over your left shoulder predicts a lucky month ahead. A bright, waxing moon in a clear sky forecasts a new and exciting project (or change); but if it was covered or dimmed by drifting clouds, you will have to overcome some obstacles before reaping a well-earned reward. A full moon means unusual success in love matters, and a harvest moon signifies unusually good returns on your investments of either energy or money. Very bright moonlight is a prophecy of family unity and/or domestic happiness. All moon omens are intensified if they were seen reflected in water. To dream of moon travel or of the man or lady in the moon is a warning that you could lose the happiness close at hand by being too preoccupied with distant mirages.

For more information about the meaning of the moon in a dream, check out the “Popular Dreams” section, entry: “A dream about the moon“.

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