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dream lionAssociation: – Refinement, – strength, – pride. Question: – Where in me there lies my courage?

In general:

A lion in the dream symbolises cruelty as well as strength. Lion is interpreted in general as an expression of high energy, energy and aggressiveness which come from the propelling world. According to the accompanying circumstances the above all following meanings are possible:

  • lion go hunting warns about risks of a plan, – one shoots the animal, one will be successful, one falls victim to him, a matter goes out unfavorably.
  • lion can catch announce that one will make an opponent the friend to himself.
  • lion tame sends a reminder not to trust other too much.
  • lion hear roaring asks to defend itself against obtrusive people.
  • lion with boys warns in general about evil.


The lion is a vision with several different meanings. In fairy tale or as a coat of arms sign he symbolises the king of the animals and therefore rule, dignity, strength, pride, courage and physical strength. As a symbol in antique dream interpretations of the elemental power of the sun (see there) equated. He is translated the sign of unrestrained soul energy, a symbol for passion and strength which sometimes frightens us in the dream-: We are overcome in the awake life by our passions and must possibly suffer from it. The lion can express in the dream, however, also creativity and spiritual strength. This are qualities which the dreaming must develop if he wants to make headway on his way further. One can demonstrate the people who dream of the lion as the elated mythological wild king so easily nothing, – they walk without looking to the left or on the right, straight ahead through the life. To you succeeds a lot, but they are often big human dispraisers, so difficultly in the living together. These are personalities which control the impulsive. However, he stands in certain cases also as a picture for intemperance and aggression. Where the lion on the dreamer begins even to the jump, this is threatened by such a self-confident personality.


At the spiritual level the lion symbolises the fire of the life energy which must be restrained in the dream.


The lion stands for a person with proud, at liberty living, daredevil and fear to waking qualities. If one sees tame with the tail waving and without bad intention approaching lion, this is a good sign and brings advantages, namely to a soldier of the emperor (The emperor is the lion), the animal to such people resembles an athlete of his good body condition, a man from the people of the authority and a slave of his man, – then because of his strength and strength. A menacing or furious lion gives fear and prophesies illness (also the illness resembles a wild animal) and menace of men whose symbol is the lion, or fire dangers. (Basis of the interpretation is the identification known from the Mithraskult of lion and fire.) The sight of young lions is for everybody without exception from good premeaning, normally he announces the birth of a boy. The lioness means the same like the lion, only in lower measure, namely she prophesies waving use, threateningly and biting damage, however, not from men, but from women. Often I have made the observation that it calls rich men who are labelled because of unnatural sensuousness.



  • The lion means the person of the emperor.
  • Dreaming this or large-scale mighty man, he argues or fights with a lion, he will wage with a prince who is his enemy or another ruler war, and which wins in the dream the victory will also close in the reality, – this looks a my husband, is valid the following: either he will strive to the emperor for the life, or struggle with Charon.
  • Riding one on a lion who follows him willing will become he emperor, if he has the makings of it if not, big power gain and in their possession humiliate a high-powered opponent.
  • of The emperors will subject another ruler after this face.
  • however,

  • seen somebody a lion, fights not with him, but is moved only into fear and terror, he will shake before the prince and tremble, – the dreaming is an official of the emperor, threatens him danger of his side, however, the thing will happily end because the lion did not injure him.
  • Dreaming of the emperors that before his face a lion takes immediately the flight another ruler will step back only on his name from him and submit, – an easy man is released from big fear and danger and again win joy in the world.
  • lion’s meat eat meant, one will agree from the emperor Reichtum and power and throw down his enemy.
  • Drinking of a lion’s milk, he will attain from the emperor big finances which give fear and joy have.
  • Seeming it the emperor, he eats a limb of a lion, he becomes of a foreign empire a part dazugewinnen, a usual man will get money and rich presents of imperial side and become man about his enemies.
  • Finding somebody excrement of a lion and lifts him, he will come to wealth which is, admittedly, more slightly than the mentioned ones.
  • Finding of the emperors or a big liver or brain of a lion, he will win treasures of other rulers, – an easy man will become well-to-do and have admission to the emperor.
  • Finding of the emperors or immense man a lion’s fur, he will bring the whole possession and the gold of a hostile ruler in himself, – a my husband has this dream which, otherwise, only powerful figures dream, he will become rich high-powered and directly.
  • it becomes

  • Bringing one to the emperor a caught lion, an overpowering enemy if a lioness, the spouse of a mighty enemy arrest.
  • Seeming it him, he gets a tame lioness together with her boys, points to Augusta and her children, – the young lions are brought up in his palace, he covers it to his sons who will be his pride and his successors.
  • shot of the emperors on the hunt a strong lion, he will destroy during the war a prince who is his enemy, with the help of his subordinates.
  • Talking he in hearty love with a lion, he will make in miraculous manner with another ruler peace, immediately how it is a big miracle if one talks with a lion.
  • see: It is the reflexion of a person at whom one looks as a friend from whom, however, a danger threatens.
  • see in captivity: you will triumph about your enemies,
  • in the cage: bridle your passions,
  • kill: one of your most dangerous enemies will die,
  • tame: learns to kerbs your passions,
  • tame: you will find friendship, – also: you have won an enemy as a friend,
  • with him fight: you will succumb to your enemies,
  • are pursued by him: you will completely leave in the world stand,
  • hear roaring: you will come to danger, – dangerous enemies threaten you,
  • with a sly animal: soon one will be able to get rid of tiresome opponents,
  • eating: the danger is removed, however, is on the alert further.


  • with the lion combines high social respect in the next future, but also envy from on the part of the next ones. They should be clever and pay attention to your words and actions. The wrong person to entrust with something, something could cost you in success.

(European ones).:

  • symbol for big and hot fighting power, – from the inside breaks the instinctual life too strongly, – are done by a strong strength,
  • see: meant power and influence attain by means of which one can overcome his enemies, – opposition of a person in advantageous position,
  • see one at liberty: one will have a mighty opponent,
  • lock up: Grief and need,
  • see a caught one: one will find protection before a mighty opponent,
  • in the cage: you will defeat your enemies, – the success will strongly depend on how one handles with his opponents,
  • tame one: Success in every regard,
  • see a lion tamer: it waves business success and the spiritual potential increases, – women will swarm to one,
  • the children with a penknife against a lion defend: Opponents are lying in wait and will also strike successfully if one can be dissuaded by ingenious diversions by his duties,
  • a man one hears

  • roaring: it expects to one a sudden transportation and the favour of the women,
  • from are spitted at menacingly and, besides, the teeth bares: the rise to the power is threatened,
  • are pursued by one: somebody who is expensive to you will leave you, – loss of property,
  • are attacked by one: Warning before a menacing danger,
  • are afraid of one: a danger which you will overcome, however,
  • on a lion hunt go: one will get involved in a risqué enterprise,
  • defeat one: perfect success in all, – an enemy put out of action or overcome,
  • shoot: Power and respect,
  • are overpowered by one: one could easily become the aim of attacks,
  • see a dead one: the hostility of an opponent loses to influence,
  • a lion’s fur: if wealth and luck,
  • promises

  • find his fur: Prosperity and wealth,
  • young have to the companion: to big influence reach and by others are feared,
  • ride on one: if proves courage and staying power and masters all difficulties playing,
  • see lioness: Luck in the domestic circle,
  • see lioness with boys: to reconcile favorable time, to itself with an opponent,
  • lion’s babies: stand for new enterprises which run with suitable allowance successfully,
  • Dreaming a young woman of young lions, stand her new, amusing lover in the house.
  • she will attain

  • Seeing a woman in the dream Daniel in the lion’s pit, by charm and intelligence wealth and conquer the man of her dreams.


  • more tame: to you it will go out in such a way, like all those which do not want to hear,
  • roaring: you should reject the obtrusive people,
  • are hunted by him: pay attention to your respect,
  • kill: your behaviour compared with the other will be promised very much,
  • with boys: pay attention to the fact that no evil happens,
  • to you

  • shoot: do not destroy your luck,
  • are attacked by him: the generosity of your opponent will contribute to the reconciliation,
  • another animal pursuing: you would like to help with pleasure, but you are not able,
  • with female: you cannot complain,
  • furiously: you have in spite of all still luck,
  • biting: at the last minute there approaches help,
  • in the desert: you will get on your inquiry from wide distance a favorable answer,
  • lame: is careful, one should pay attention to the age.

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  1. Mo says:

    I was in a shopping mall and 8 male lions were attacking and killing people. I was put in charge of stopping them., I was talking to the lions and could sympathize why they were killing. I was not afraid

  2. Momo says:

    I was in a school that looked like my apartment and I was looking out the back window into the parking lot, which was covered with grass and a few trees like a mini jungle. there was a lion with a big red mange lying down in the grass and It was nice to animals it should’ve eaten. I just watched in awe… *O*

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