dream homeOwn home also plays in the dream a role.

  • the dreamer feels fine in it, he needs to give himself around his soul peace no troubles.
  • Being it untidy or one sees it without usual pieces of furniture, his psyche is cracked a little bit.
  • Who lacquers it, that needs sometimes a change of scenery.


The foundation of a home prophesies away from home to one which does not want to marry or take there flat, the death. Thus died the young man from Bithynien to whom it dreamt, he is based a home in Rome.


(European ones).:

  • own: Health, luck and well-being,
  • registers that one will reach to high honour as well as luck and favour,
  • visit his old home: points to good news,
  • be old see in dilapidated state: This dream of the old home means warning of illness or death of a relative, – for a young woman that she will lose good friends or female friends.
  • are a matter home and everything comfortably and the family cheerfully of finding: announces harmony in the private life, as well as success in the occupation.

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