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Dog – Dream Symbol Interpretation

As a general rule dogs in a dream are a good omen and symbolize friends.

Of course the interpretation varies according to the action and other details but is fairly straightforward.

If the dog was friendly and affectionate, it signifies pleasure and happy times with friends; a fierce or snarling dog suggests disagreements or untrustworthy friends;

and if it bit or attacked, you are being warned to look out for actual deceit or harmful trickery from someone you have trusted.

To hear a dog bark happily signifies pleasing social recognition, but if it barked fiercely, you are being warned of possible legal troubles, so don’t fiddle your taxes or park your car on yellow lines.

To see dogs fighting indicates that you may be called on to arbitrate in an argument between friends, in which case you must be extra tactful to avoid ending up the odd man out.

If the dog in your dream was an exceptionally large one, it signifies protection through a powerful friend.

See also Colours.

For more information about the meaning of a dog in a dream, check out the “Popular Dreams” section, entry: “A dream about a dog“.

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  1. amiee says:

    I owned 2 pit bull dogs and had to give them to a rescue becuase I had to move to a place where they did not accept that breed. Last night I had a dream about my dogs. Cyrus was the male and he was all white. In my dream they were living in a place that seemed like I had just happen to come across them and they were doing fine but I needed to take them out to use the potty and Cyrus was really happy to see me. Trina was the female and I took her potty first and had come across some people who were really scared of her but she did not attack or growl but I ended up carrying her on my back like a back pack. I ended up in the place that I live and was able to have her for a moment but was reminded that she couldnt be there and that was the end. Can you tell me what any of this means? I read that being greated by a white dog means success in love or in business? thanks

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