Cotton dream dictionary

Cotton – Dream Symbol Interpretation

  • Finding somebody cotton, he will attain from moderately prosperous people a small property, – then cotton is less worth than sheep’s wool. This points generally to pure gold.
  • clothes from this material wear: good views,
  • (cotton bales, cotton) see: business difficulties,
  • spin or weave: Profit and voyage.

(European ones).:

  • fresh, thriving cotton fields see: good shops and well-to-do times,
  • it can be picked see: if prosperity,
  • promises to farmers

  • for manufacturers promises it: Profits with this product,
  • for traders: positive changes in view have,
  • shop: Money lose,
  • process: other damage find out or experience deceptions,
  • cotton bale: if better times,
  • prophesy one recognises

  • that the inquiry rises, this indicates at an immediate rise in prices.


    professionally you will suffer

  • some disagreeable things.

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