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Car – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – personal power, – ego. Question: – Will I come? Who am I?


Dreams of the motoring or of the car are symbols for the drunkenness of the freedom, for independence, energy, impulses and power. Dream scenarios by cars often process the kind as the dreaming at the psychic or emotional level handles with himself. A car stands often for the personal space, for the enlargement of the being of the dreaming. If one drives in a dream a car, this calls the personal impulse in the consciousness. The car is treated as equal in the dream psychology with motor energy. Hence, cars, above all the quick sports-cars which appear in dreams of men symbolise her instantaneous respect with the sex. In this case the rapid driving stands for freedom of movement and speed drunkenness and with it for the sexuality, especially for the free love. Car stands often for the own I which it is a matter to control. If the dreamer drives a car himself, it often marks his person – here it is described as a mobile house – or what he would like to show in the everyday life. Many nightmares – one crosses somebody the brakes do not function – hang together with the car, – they prove that we should change our life style to suffer no losses. The car is in the dream as well as in the reality an individual means of transportation. Because the car is looked in the reality often as a status symbol, it marks in the dream according to size and brand also like the dreaming with pleasure from his environment would like to be seen. More importantly, nevertheless, it is as the dreaming handles in the dream by the vehicle or what happens in the journey. A drive symbolises a piece of the life trip. According to the accompanying circumstances the following special meanings often arise:

  • a cultivated, quick and driving-sure car symbolises active, self-confident and successful personal and professional life or the longing for it.
  • Who makes headway with it well, with that it will well also advance in the deliberate life.
  • An open street to drive down, a feeling of the freedom and a lifelong trip can mark for the freeing.
  • a too quick car warns with high spirits, carelessness and superficiality. Above all the excess of the speed limitation can mean, that to respect the ability to details more to one helps to succeed in the life.
  • Even a car steer registers that one controls a matter firmly and will bring them to a successful conclusion, – however, partly one is thereby also asked to develop more activities to change the life and to aim at new aims. Steering a vehicle can be associated more with the direction and the aim.
  • a neglected, driving-handicapped or fahruntüchtiges car interprets handicapped progress, failures and setbacks, but also insecurity, inhibitions and feeling of inferiority in.
  • It points to independence if one is alone in a car.
  • Sitting one in particularly send foreign car, if one possibly liked to seem more than one is in reality.
  • The Dahinrasen in a quick car means the longing for a sexual drunkenness experience. If you were in the driver seat

? Then it means self-assurance. If, besides, an accident happened where you wanted to go or on which street you were at the moment of the accident?

  • victory in a car racing means that one will get out of the way all competitors and obstacles by the realisation of sighting.
  • on lacking responsibility expel dreams in which the dreaming sits in his car which is driven (from himself or from another person) carelessly.
  • he makes

  • Serving of the dreamers the car wrong, also in the awake state something not right.
  • then

  • Becoming the car of the dreaming, however, from another outdated, means this that he feels neglected.
  • Dreaming one that one turns his vehicle, this is a tip to the fact that one becomes back-due or must cancel a decision.
  • a passenger on the back seat which insists on the fact that one takes away a certain one as a driver can mean the existence of such a strength or person in the life she tries to bump to one in a direction which one himself does not want to go. If one heard on the know-it-all, one considers whether somebody manipulates or a little bit one in the awake life.
  • front seat passenger in a car be mostly announces that one may expect help from the outside in a matter which already is going, – maybe one is thereby pointed out, however, also to an excessive influencing and foreign regulation by the others which one should diminish. The dreaming sometimes wants to transfer even the responsibility for his life on another person.
  • Buying one a car, points out often to the fact that one is in the concept to change the life, and promises at the same time a favorable exit of the tackled plans.
  • Even a traffic accident to cause refers to failure fears in the life. They are symbols for conflicts and confusion in the life. One considers what happened at the accident place. Who was in the accident complicatedly

? Could one help the victim?

  • autobreakdowns and accidents to one in the second leg of the journey hinder, draw the attention to obstacles by the realisation of sighting, for example, on competitor, – then one should try to recognise these impediments and to switch off.
  • the burning cars which stand in bright flames are signs for success, only smoking cars against it warn about failures and physical or emotional stress.
  • the no parking signs which one overlooks refer to the fear of life which one would like to overcome by much too brisk appearance.
  • different autoparts can be connected with different aspects of the personality. Floodlights can stand with the general direction of the life path in connection, the tank clock with the energy level and the controls of the car with trust, independence and self-control.
  • The engine symbolises the essential desires with which he is confronted.
  • then

  • Trading the dream, however, from the brakes, shows this his ability to hold a situation under control.
  • ambitious feelings should often show

  • of women’s dreams of cars and the wish ‘to overtake’ the important men in her life.


A car symbolises spiritual direction and motivation.



  • Your respect grows, grows with it also your income.
  • see: important news receives, – (74, 21)
  • go certainly with it: promises success from own strength shop: in professional regard quickly make progress,
  • have an accident: a setback in the plans approaches,

(European ones).:

  • only one see: important news,
  • go in it: Success, impetus, better relations,
  • steer: one has own thing firmly in the hand, – search for new possibilities to get closer to his life aim
  • very much cleverly and certainly one steer: promises success from own strength,
  • one shop: Initiate of a new enterprise which is successful, – professionally quickly make headway,
  • get out of one: the respect takes damage, – the competence is questioned, – setbacks and stagnation,
  • see burning one: the good meaning if one sees only the flames, bad meaning with black smoke,
  • autobreakdown: a trip will be vain, – nevertheless, the fun in a thing at the end will not be so largely as expected,
  • experience a collision: a setback in the plans becomes evident,
  • see car accident: financial loss,
  • are involved in a car accident: one must count in a certain matter on strong competition,
  • experience a collision: symbolises a setback because one was anxious too egoistically in his advantages,
  • car racings win: one preempts his competitors or rivals,
  • try to make way to moving cars: one does well to go in future for rival so far as possible from the way as one can answer for it in good conscience,
  • she will not create

  • addiction a young woman after a car, it to draw the attention of a certain man to herself.


  • see going: you will find out new,
  • go: you will have failure.

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