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Blood – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – Essence, – life energy, – threat to life. Question: – Where in my life I leave my vitality to the vein?


From age blood is a symbol for life and life energy. Blood stands generally for vitality, physical strength and consciousness which allow an active life, sometimes still for sexuality. Moreover, interpersonal relations, fears and inhibitions can be symbolised with it. It is also connected with personal strength and Verjüngung. The Verjüngung can be physical rest, awakening of feelings or spiritual rebirth. Intensive Red of the blood and his role as an elixir of life also lend him association with passion, love and rage. Emotional abuse – from the dreaming commits or from him suffered – can be shown in the dream as a bleeding wound. It is a symbol of the vitality, full-blooded passion and nimmermüder love. There are very different interpretations which one can derive only from the accompanying circumstances in the dream and the real life situation, for example:


  • Trading a dream of a violent situation into which blood flows suggests this that one carries self-destructive forces in himself.
  • If in the dream a bleeding must be satisfied, is called this that the dreaming should realise his strength.
  • he must get

  • Being the dreaming even the bleeding injured person whom is helped by another person about that clarity which kind of help he needs to take pain.
  • Itself will bleed as a sign for vitality interpreted.
  • a loss of blood refers generally to a deterioration of the physical, spiritual or moral strength.
  • Who sees bleeding to himself in the dream, has mental wounds which he does not want to admit to himself because they could humiliate him before other.
  • blood can see to indicate that one worries about another person.
  • blood can vomit symbolise that one would want all ‘impure’ from himself herausspucken.
  • with blood be stained, often points to feeling of guilt and sense of shame because one takes care himself not without limitation, but feels ‘dirtily’.
  • Flowing the blood from the wounds of other people, we are about to add other pain.
  • loss of blood in the dream can point to deprivation of love, a transfusion on the revitalisation of deep feelings.
  • this not about one sexual, but a mental union means

  • Trading the dream around the drinking or exchanging of blood.
  • Losing the dreaming blood, this can be understood as a symbol for a deprivation of love or for a mental victim.
  • Receiving the dreaming, nevertheless, a blood transfusion, this points to a mental enrichment or it can register that one is briefly to solve a topical problem. Also this could be a tip to a stimulating influence – e.g., a new friendship or respect-.
  • circulating blood in the dream can be an important symbol. If The blood with ease flowed by arteries or veins this can be called that one feels to be on the right way. Every blockade can show recognised obstacles for the life plan.
  • of crimson, unhindered fluent blood can show the strong passion of the dreaming for a person or situation. It can also indicate unaware fury on somebody who is close to the dreaming.
  • in a dream blood in the hands to have – a picture which was strongest given by Shakespeare lady Macbeth – can refer to deeply seated guilt for an action or in an area of the life.
  • bloodstained clothes in the dream can be a sign for the fact that somebody would like to complicate to one the work or hinder the career.


Symbol of the life and the soul. Blood stands for vitality and consciousness. In the body circulating blood a rejuvenating strength can symbolise.


A lot of blood vomit which from good colour and is unspoilt, brings to a poor luck, – it promises increase in property and money galore because money and blood have the same meaning, an observation which already the old manners have made. Well it is more distant for a childless and everybody which has a close relative away from home. erstere the birth of a child, the latter will experience the return of a relative – in both cases blood relations-. If the blood flows into dishes, the child will become big, and the travelling will still live long time after his homecoming, – however, it flows on the earth, both will die, and that who stayed away from home becomes in his native country, that is return in the lap of the mother earth which is the native country common to all people. To see flowing blood is for one which wants to stay undiscovered, disastrous, – one will track down him and transfer. Spoilt blood announces illness all people without difference. If it is only a little, so that it resembles rather a blood spittle than blood break, it means after my experience quarrel with the relatives. It dreamt somebody, he is carried in a dough-trough completely human blood by some people and eats from the clotted blood, – then his mother has met him and has exclaimed: ‘My son, you have brought me around my good name!’ On it the bearers would have set down him, and he has come home. He brought in himself as a gladiator and had to deny during many years fights on life and death in the arena, – consuming of human blood meant his raw and outrageous kind to earn his living with human blood, the exclamation of the mother prophesied to him the disrepute of his state, and the Getragenwerden in a dough-trough symbolised the danger in which he floated always and incessantly, – then that what one lays in a dough-trough is used anyway. And the man would have died as a gladiator, if he had not been set down and would have returned home, – then only late he got free on vigorous incentive of friends of the gladiators.



  • blood is strength and life spring of the person. (78, 39, 60)
  • Seeming it to one in the dream as if blood flows to him from nose or head, he knows that his head or superior will have sensitive expenditures – there flows the blood from a flesh wound, the dreaming will become extremely poor and live not long.
  • he will live

  • Dreaming of the emperors that his veins of blood have swelled long and increase his treasures, – an easy man will perform extraordinary in his trade.
  • Seeming it one which lives in distress and need one leaves him on the sickbed to the vein, he will shake off the plagues, he does not live in the misery, damages and big grief suffer.
  • the dreaming with unfair means a good business will make

  • Being from a geschwürigen body part blood flowing, but be transferred and must pay back the money.
  • blood urinate meant, one will generate children to his disgrace, – if bile, a child place in the world which is weakly and will soon die.
  • see the liquid: a wound get, – There is great danger. You cannot return before, still. Rest keep and wait. Warning also before other person,
  • see the nice red: Cheerfulness,
  • in the hands: You have interfered in things which are dangerous.
  • the clotted: an illness get,
  • on the earth the flowing: if means evil and death,
  • drink or collect: good views have, – nice hopes,
  • the rotten and heavy dark: Death,
  • lose own, drop-wise or stream-wise: good signs,
  • see a lot of blood: War,
  • of himself to the earth see falling: Luck,
  • pour: Annoyance by haste,
  • spit nice red: Health,
  • spit dark and stinking: Downfall, big annoyance,
  • in it Baden: your property gets lost,
  • of an animal: your business will go well,
  • see in others: Illness in the family.


  • a serious omen: Blood always means that a time of vigorous fight is to be expected against hostile forces.
  • Seeing one own blood in the dream, so it is advisable to pay attention during the next days in all conceivable forms to itself. In any case, the symbol wants to warn about the squandering of his forces and admonish to hold together all forces and senses. (Woman


(European ones).:

  • clotted blood: if Li> indicates at illness,
  • see: one is worried about a person to whom Li> to one is close, – heavy disappointments, – care in all situations, also towards other people,
  • collect it in a bowl: if a good sign is for the health and strength,
  • drink: if is a good portent,
  • see letting drip own blood to the earth: good portent,
  • spit: for poor people means this wealth, – or illness, bad person,
  • bleed: if is a rather bad sign, particularly if the blood cannot be satisfied, it announces a long illness,
  • from a wound see flowing: Announcement of worries and ailments, – bad shops as a result unhappy Agierens in new situations, – also: unhappy dear affair or quarrel with a respected friend,
  • others see bleeding: Death by accidents, – fear around a being close person, – also: evil rumours will be spread about you,
  • have blood in the hands: the misfortune follows the foot if you do not pay attention yourselves to your matters, – also: one should not interfere in foreign matters,
  • blood-watered clothes: refer to enemies who want to destroy your career, – one should watch out for new friendship.


  • blood and ulcers mean money and property.
  • Dreaming somebody, he bleeds as a result of an injury or wound and the blood reddens to him dress and body, he will bring together so much money as blood has flowed.
  • If one from free pieces a bloodletting has underwent, he will spend so much money as to him blood was tapped, – it happens involuntarily, he will pay a penalty by suitable height.
  • Drinking or eats somebody blood, he will bring in sinful manner foreign Well in himself, – drink then blood or eat is against God’s order.
  • you may be glad, because will soon come true what you have wished already so long.

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  1. Sophie says:

    I’ve a spot on my forehead that’s bothering me. It’s big but not painful. I squeeze it and out pops a round embryo with two flower stems inside. I start to bleed profusely out of the forehead wound. I cover the forehead with my hands running to the tab to wash the dark seeping blood. My hands are covered in blood. I wash it all away and look at the flowers – two flowering hyacinths.

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