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Association: – Freedom, – escape, – freeing from the weight of the physical level. Question: – Which part of me wants to fly?

In general:

Birds are ordinarily in the dream a symbol for imagination, thought and ideas which need to her being after freedom to be able to come out. Already since pagan times the person is fascinated by birds and by the aviation. Earlier one believed, birds are the bearers of the soul and would own accordingly magic and mystic forces. If he sits in the cage, points to obstacles with the ‘high-altitude flights’, the empty cage announces disappointments.


The bird lives in the air which was up to the 20th century for the person inaccessibly and the area of the mind. In the dream it is a symbol for contents of the unconscious. The bird is assigned an aerial being to indicate so spiritual-emotionally, the thought which move our everyday life. The bird can embody the soul par excellence, special copies, as for example the owl, also the concealed wisdom or the raven the dark and unhappy (‘unlucky fellow’). This translates fluttering of birds helplessly in a space or a cage around, the a little bit weird soul state from which one searches a way out. If they fly freely and unhindered by our dreamscape, concludes by the freedom of our thoughts, on our unloaded soul. Birds in the dream express the need of the person to project his qualities on objects and living beings outside his itself. However, he also has an erotic meaning. This can be derived from the Greek mythology in which the bird belonged to the dear God Cupid.

  • a bird in the cage can indicate restriction and misleading.
  • a freely flying bird shows longings and wishes and maybe the mind climbing up to the divine.
  • an especially splendid plumage points out to the facade of the dreaming and on how he sees himself.
  • A disoriented bird’s crowd embodies a confusion of physical or material considerations as a contrast to spiritual desire. Birds can sometimes stand for the female, free side of the being.
  • a bird with golden wings has the same meaning like fire and, hence, refers to spiritual longing.
  • a bird high flying in the winds indicates at spiritual consciousness or the part in the dreaming who strives for knowledge.
  • a bird the Anima can show

  • in the dream of a man. In the dream of a woman he refers on Even for the purposes of spiritual Himself.

in detail can play the following birds in the dream a role:

  • eagle: In the dream this bird of prey symbolises dominance and superiority. In addition, the eagle can also stand for sharp warmth and consciousness as well as for circumspection and objectivity or professionalism. If the dreaming identifies with the eagle, this makes his wish for dominance clear. If the dreaming feels by an eagle threatened, an outsider is possibly a danger for his instantaneous state.
  • kingfisher: He shows calmness and dignity.
  • magpie: Because one says in the national faith, magpies and jackdaws are thieves, can point out these both birds in the dream to the fact that a person being close to the dreaming tries to take away from him something what is very valuable for him. The magpie can also be the bearer of good news.
  • duck: She shows in the dream as a rule a sort of Künstlichkeit or childish affected behaviour.
  • owl: She stands in the dream for wisdom and art of war. Because the owl stands in narrow connection with the night, she can sometimes embody the death.
  • falcon: He is very similar to the eagle in his symbolism. As a bird of prey he embodies freedom and hope for that which are limited in any manner. It can be a symbol of the victory over the desire.
  • pheasant: If a dream of a pheasant acts, this forecasts to the dreaming generally prosperity and luck.
  • goose: She stands in the dream interpretation for watchfulness and love. Just as the swan can represent them the daybreak or new life. A goose’s crowd is valid as a symbol of the intuitive forces and as a warning of misfortune. Wild geese show the soul and the pagan side of the dreaming. Geese are valid just as cats as good house minds.
  • vulture: As a scavenger he stands with the devastating female portion in connection.
  • chicken: It stands as a dream symbol for practically inclined Itself. Growth potential exists, even if it is expressed maybe only if the dreaming of a group belongs. However, a chicken can also show stupidity and cowardice. The cock is the symbol for the new day and for spiritual attention and watchfulness. He shows the male principle and, hence, also the need to be courageously and always in front. The hen symbolises precaution, motherly care and reproduction. If she clucks in the dream, this is looked as a representation of female dominance.
  • ibis: This bird is a symbol for perseverance and longing.
  • Jung’s bird: Personal circumstances and feelings can have radical effects on the contact of the dreaming with themselves, and the past luck can be shown in the dream of Jung’s birds.
  • crow: Traditionally the crow warns in the dream about the death. But she can also symbolise wisdom and slyness.
  • cuckoo: He can show slyness and unanswered love. As a spring messenger he indicates at the conversion of old spent energy in new, fresh strength.
  • lark: She is valid traditionally as a symbol for the Transzendierung of the worldly.
  • gull: She stands for freedom and strength.
  • pelican: He symbolises victim and humility, but also caring, motherly love.
  • peacock: If a dream of a peacock acts, this is a tip to the fact that the knowledge of the dreaming develops like a peacock, – from the simple, plain Jung’s bird to nicest of all birds. Like the phoenix the peacock is also a symbol of the rebirth and the resurrection.
  • penguin: This black bird can be a symbol for sin and wisdom. If he speaks in the dream, is that what he says to evaluate often as a prophecy.
  • swallow: She means hope and approaching spring in the dream.
  • swan: He symbolises like, hence, the wild goose the soul of the person and is valid as a divine bird. Sometimes he can point to a peaceful death.
  • sparrow: In him bustle and diligence embody itself.
  • woodpecker: In the mythology the woodpecker is the guard of the kings as well as the trees. He also has the reputation to own magic forces.
  • stork: This bird is a symbol for a new life and a new beginning.
  • bunch: This bird refers to the fact that the dreaming or another dream figure tries to steal out of the responsibility.
  • pigeon: She embodies the Anima, the bearer of the rest after the storm and also the soul. The peaceful side of the human nature appears in the dream pigeon.
  • turkey: This bird is eaten traditionally in holidays. If a dream of him acts, this can be a tip to good times.
  • quail: She represents being in love, sometimes courage and often luck. In negative regard she can also symbolise magic and witchcraft.


At the spiritual level birds show the soul of the person in the dream.


Big birds bring rather to empires than poor use, the small ones against it particularly help to the arms. Him the big birds often suffer hunger because they are content not with an easy feed, but fat prey never posthunt and the first-best disdain, the small ones against it, the punch collectors, have need because they find very easily her food.



  • songbirds see: Nice thing experience,
  • hear singing: something good find out, – happy dear message,
  • see as a pair: you will found a home,
  • see one or dark ones: one lives in the danger to be cheated and should take before wrong friends and friends in eight,
  • see a big one: announces dangerous situations, perhaps, a death,
  • fly about your house: you have good friends,
  • fly on a tree: one expects your help,
  • fly away: there comes a disagreeable time,
  • birds of passage see: if Li> points to homesickness and desolation,
  • catch: you are anxious of your advantage, – also: you will experience a bad surprise,
  • see in the cage: a wedding without love and luck,
  • hold in cages: your possession is in sure hand,
  • with nice, coloured plumage see: your life will develop rather pleasantly,
  • train: his children well educate,
  • wings stop short: you will lose your freedom,
  • kill: in disagreeable involvements get, – your opponents will wear to you bad person,
  • eat: you lose good friends by self-interest.


  • birds are valid as a very good omen, particularly if they are coloured or sing. It promises to the dreaming a happy time in which business plans succeed and produce good success and also some of his heart’s desires come true. Bird’s twitter points particularly to erotic meetings. However, dead or injured birds are heralds of future worries – unless, it concerns dead birds of prey, – they stand for the coming success of the dreamer. Bird’s eggs are a symbol for prosperity, damaged bird’s eggs send a reminder to business care. Empty bird’s nests recommend to the dreamer to concentrate more upon his family life. (Woman


(European ones).:

  • if not as a dead person’s bird (as a reminder), then to understand after the erotic meaning of a primitive language,
  • they indicate

  • with financial problems in the awake life, the coming improvement of the relations, – one is well-to-do, one must expect a reversal,
  • see or hear: Songbirds mean to news, birds of passage a change, birds of prey enemies,
  • in general: Freedom and carelessness,
  • birds of passage: be there the discontented, – homesickness, – one feels desolately,
  • birds of prey: Enemies,
  • the dream means

  • for arms: a change to the better,
  • for empires: Deterioration of the living conditions,
  • see one in the cage: if is a sign of sure wealth.


  • see: your health is not particularly,
  • with cut plumage: you do not make progress quickly,
  • to them the wings stop short: you will forfeit your luck,
  • in the cage: you want to be cleverer than the others, – you will outwit others,
  • feed: do not forget the arms,
  • see sitting alone: Grief,
  • see flying: you will receive news,
  • see floating in the air: Bekümmernis,
  • catch: Profit,
  • with very nice plumage: you become high-spirited,
  • kill: Loss,
  • feed: you will invite glad society,
  • all kinds together see: War.

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  1. Sylvia says:

    As I was standing in my garden the wind got stronger and my dress was sucked off me. Then suddenly a large bird flew down (it was about the size of a duck) and more followed (10 or more). All were exactly the same as the first bird. I have never seen birds like them. The colours were very vivid. There was a distinct pattern of small motifs on the breast evenly placed, with about an inch seperating each motif. The motifs consisted of two bright colors, one was yellow and I think the other color was red. I’m not certain, but I think these motifs were on a background of black. The wings and tail feathers were also black and there was a wide band of emerald green across the top of the tail feathers. I ran to get my son and as he got close to where they were the dream ended.

    When the birds flew down near where i was standing, I felt a little afraid, but not because the birds looked like they would hurt me, in fact they didn’t take any notice of me. I probably felt a little afraid because I was shocked to see so many large birds fly down by me and they looked so striking and different to any bird I have ever seen before.
    Thank you

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