Asthma dream dictionary

Asthma – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – Loss of the emotional security. Question: – To which part of myself want I to give in future more allowance?


Asthma can appear in the dream with ill attack manner, – then it concerns a body-conditioned dream which is based on illnesses of the respiratory tract or the heart which must be examined thoroughly. All dreams of physical interference because of an illness point to real difficulties, but somebody who suffers from asthma, will dream rather of being able to breathe freely, than from his illness. Asthma often registers in dreams of healthy people that they almost suffocate under the load of her duties and problems, cannot develop any more, maybe also too oversensitive (allergically in the figurative sense) react. This can refer above all to authority’s fears. Own arguments are not accepted. With children attacks of asthma seem in the dream (however, also in the reality) often by a wrong education with Überbehütung by the mother who frightens them and hinders her development.


(European ones).:

  • a preferential pattern turns out not so gainful as as you have expected it. Revise your plans and avoid all speculations and risks.

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