Airship dream dictionary

Airship – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Airship (zeppelin) can embody passions and desires (often sexually) which easily endanger the internal balance. If one falls with an airship, one is mistaken himself and will thereby take serious damage.



  • see: you expect news from high place,
  • sit in it: All worries and all grief are behind you. It goes towards to new luck.
  • fly by or over the clouds with it: one should understand that the personal aims are not well backed up and that it would be better to put on his imagination rein.

(European ones).:

  • see: a tender wish will come to fulfilment, – streaming money, nevertheless, one should be careful with speculations,
  • rise in a balloon: if means an unhappy trip,
  • go in him: daring plans will go towards to the realisation,
  • fly by the clouds: one will commit a false action, – one should rein aims in the clouds,
  • with one fall: Mortal danger! One will come by a false action or a mistake hard to damage.

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