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Addition drem interpretation
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Addition – Dream Symbol Interpretation

.Association: – compulsive need, – ungovernability. Question: – Which habit is menacing for me?

In general:

If the dreaming sees himself in his dream as an addict, this points out to the fact that he has the wish and the need to get to know obsessive (compulsive) behaviour with himself and with other people. He is afraid, somebody or something could control him. Tells to be dependent on a person to deliver the responsibility for itself. To be dependent in the dream of a substance, like tobacco or alcohol, points to the inability to refer properly to the world.


The fear of addiction maybe points to the influence which the passions of the dreaming on him could have. In the dream of a group of addicts indicates to belong that he does not understand his own behaviour in the social frame. The dreaming is maybe aware of that that he cannot exist in the everyday life and becomes the victim.


At the spiritual level addiction stands in the dream with the pleasure-seeking, hedonistic aspect Even in connection.



  • A passion will damage to you.
Addition - dream interpretation and meaning
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